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5 Creative Ice Cream Flavors to Beat the Heat

Sometimes, we love switching up to more creative ice cream flavors to help beat the heat.

While nothing beats the classics, sometimes, we want to switch it up to a more creative ice cream flavor. But sometimes, it takes a lot of convincing. There are weird flavors like Candied Bacon or Wasabi-flavored ice cream that don’t make sense. But not to worry—here are some creative ice cream flavors we’ve tried out that will definitely beat the heat.

1. Blue Cheese Ice Cream

Strange but this pungent cheese balances well against the cream and milk. At first glance, blue cheese may not be the kind of cheese we want to taste to relive our favorite childhood dirty ice cream flavor. But it’s actually quite tasty—especially with some candied walnuts. It’s also one of the most favored creations of Sebastian’s Ice Cream’s owner, Ian Carandang.

2. Tequilla Rose Ice Cream

Strawberries with a bit of kick—it’s the perfect upgrade from the usual kiddie flavor. The sweet and tart flavors found in strawberries help balance the metallic flavor of tequila along with some cream. Girls will probably even remember this as their gateway alcohol to drinking. El Fav Ice Creamery in Parañaque features this flavor along with some other alcoholic flavors.

3. Wasabi Ice Cream

Wasabi may normally be eaten with sushi but some have transformed it into a delectable ice cream flavor. The spice smoothly cools down with the sweetness and the cream gives tastebuds one exciting ride. It’s definitely something that not many people would expect. Carousel Creamery’s known for having this flavor. Trust us when we say if you want to prevent your kids from eating your ice cream, get this flavor.

4. Tsokolate at Sili

Made from local chocolate and local chili, Tsokolate at Sili is a smokey ice cream flavor that combines the richness of chocolate and chili. It’s different from the usual Rocky Road or Cookies and Cream and it’s worth the kick. Magnolia is one of the few brands that have this creative ice cream flavor available.

5. Toasted Rice

Remember the toasted rice at the bottom of the rice cooker after cooking? Also known as the Tutong, toasted rice can also turn into an ice cream flavor. Found in the Manila Creamery, Tinutong na Kanin may sound a little weird at first as an ice cream flavor. But in reality, it has a smooth, barley-like flavor.

Stepping out of the cool comfort zone

Change can be a little daunting but it can happen through the smallest things like changing your ice cream flavor for the day. Some of us find change to be this extremely drastic thing. But it can be as small as being a little more adventurous to try out the more creative ice cream flavors.

Ice cream isn’t the only way we can entertain change!

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