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7 Dads We See On TV and News Coverage

This World Press Freedom Day, we honor the men who continue to report and anchor the news despite the challenges faced by the press.

Journalists around the world continue to face harassment and threats for doing their job. But journalists are also fathers, mothers, and children, who risk their lives, hoping to make it home amidst the challenges they face doing fieldwork to get information to the public whether it be on television, digital, radio, or print. And for this World Press Freedom Day, we honor the men who deliver and report the news.

They are not only journalists but also fathers and sons.

Howie Severino

Howie Severino has been with GMA Integrated News as a reporter, documentarist, and editor-in-large of GMA News. He is known for his documentaries in I-Witness, which gathered several awards, and is a board member of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism or PCIJ.

When Howie is not busy chasing stories or speaking about journalism at conferences, he is a father who spends time with his son doing indoor rock climbing and going on out-of-town trips with his family.

Photo from Howie Severino Instagram

David Celdran

David Celdran is a familiar face on ABS CBN News Channel as a reporter and newscaster and the host of the show Executive Class, where he explores the Philippines and the world. Before ANC, David was known for hosting the quiz show Battle of the Brains.

When David is not busy delivering the news or traveling the world, he spends time with his wife Jenny and their kids Paolo and Natalia Sophia.

Photo from David Celdran Instagram

Oscar Oida

Oscar Oida is known for his reports for GMA Integrated News. He has done several reports ranging from crime to the environment including his own near-death experience which was shown on Brigada.

Oscar is married to reporter and entertainment journalist MJ Marfori, with whom he has a daughter Aerin. He also shares his love for travel and biking through his Instagram photos.

Photo from Oscar Oida Instagram

Rico Hizon

Rico Hizon has worked with several news organizations. He started his career in GMA 7, went to work for BBC and anchored for CNN Philippines before it closed last January.

In August 2023, Rico and his wife Melanie renewed their vows. The couple have a son, Migo.

Photo from Rico Hizon Instagram

Diego Castro

Diego Castro comes from a line of media practitioners. His father was the late broadcaster Angelo Castro Jr, who anchored the World Tonight. His mom, June Keithley was an actress and later anchored for the radio station DZRJ-AM at the height of the People Power Revolution.

Before joining the media, Diego started his career in television as an actor, appearing in shows such as GIMIK, Esperanza, and Basta’t Kasama Kita. He later transitioned to broadcasting via the UNTV show Good Morning Kuya before switching to One News.

Diego is married to fellow anchor Angela Lagunzad. The couple are parents to three kids, two of them from Diego’s past relationships.

Photo from Diego Castro Instagram

Diego is also a grandfather to Scott Domagoso, the son of his daughter Rafa with actor Joaquin Domagoso.

Jay Taruc

Before returning to television as one of the anchors for One News, Jay Taruc was a fixture on GMA as a reporter and documentarist for Brigada Siete I-Witness. His stories have gathered several awards including a Peabody Award and He also hosted his own show Motorcycle Diaries, going around the country as an avid rider and storyteller.

Aside from anchoring for One News, Jay hosts another show, MOJO: Mukha ng Balita.

Jay is the son of the later radio broadcaster Joe Taruc. Jay has two kids, Luis and Sofie with his wife June.

Photo from Jay Taruc Instagram

Jiggy Manicad

Jiggy Manicad returned to the news early this year via TV5 for Frontline Pilipinas. Before his return, Jiggy was busy with AgriPreneur, an educational show that he and his wife Marnie were doing.

Before running for senator in 2019, Jiggy did reports and anchored for GMA 7, hosting Reporters Notebook and QRT (Quick Response Team). He has three kids with his wife Marnie.

Photo from Jiggy Manicad Instagram

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