Disney’s Cars Has a New TV Series

Pixar and Disney’s beloved automobile movie trilogy, Cars, now gets an animated TV series — Cars: On The Road.

With a little bit of ka-chow and driving in reverse, Cars’ Lightning McQueen and his best bud Mater are going to have a series of their own. Invited to return home for his sister’s wedding, Mater brings along Lightning McQueen for the road trip. Disney+ presents to our kids (and something that we parents can also enjoy) the latest addition to the Cars movie trilogy — Cars: On The Road TV series!

Check out the trailer below!

Cars: A Movie Trilogy Enjoyed By The Whole Family Now Has A TV Series

Disney seems to be on a roll in making movies and series enjoyable for both kids and parents. As the trailer for Cars: On The Road plays, we see Mater and Lightning McQueen get into all sorts of crazy adventures. Inclusive of dealing with rally cars, monster trucks, and car gangs. If one looks closely, the car gangs seem a little more reminiscent of a movie from our time: Mad Max.

Talk about merging two different time periods. We’re sure the whole family will want to see the latest dogfights and hilarious exchanges between the two best buds. Lightning McQueen and Mater then meet other cars from other cultures and time periods, popping all sorts of easter eggs for moms and dads to enjoy as well.

Tune into Disney+ to see the hilarious misadventures!

Normally, going home to attend your relative’s wedding shouldn’t be worrisome or trouble-filled. But somehow, Lightning McQueen and Mater’s friendship shows that sometimes, there’s that friendship where you two just end up being the “ride-or-die” friend. Don’t forget to tune into Disney+ to catch the TV series premiere on September 8, 2022!

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