Drew Arellano and Paolo Valenciano Share Important Tips on Being Fathers

Drew Arellano and Paolo Valenciano discuss their insights as modern fathers and debunk some stereotypes.

Celebrity fathers Drew Arellano and Paolo Valenciano gave some insights about being a father in these challenging times. For the two, it’s very important that fathers should spend time with their kids.

“Time is my currency, not money,” Drew shared during the panel on Fatherhood as part of Modern Parenting’s first-ever parenting conference, Parentalk, last April 6. “You have to keep asking yourself that question—why are you working, stressing on work? What is the main goal of your life?”

“For me kasi, it’s simple. I just want to be happy with my loves,” Drew said.

For the TV host, being the best father and spending time is the ultimate gift that can be given to children.

“If you want to be the best father that you could be, that’s more than enough spending. Time with them is more than enough.”

More Insights from Drew Arellano and Paolo Valenciano

Listen to your kids

Paolo for his part said that aside from time, it’s very important that parents listen to their children.

“Another thing that’s very important  is you need to listen to the kids. You’ll be surprised. Kasi si Leia, may mga sinasabi na siya na wow how did she think of that? That’s not a kid’s mindset anymore,” he said of his daughter Leia with wife Sam. “May mga insights na siya, may mga questions na siya na tinatanong. Naghahanap na siya ng meaning of life. She asks all these deep lessons.”

Paolo also said that it’s high time that fathers take time to see the moments of their children.

“I think when we’re too focused on our careers, too focused on our work and other things, there are crucial moments that you might miss out on. Then the moment is gone.”

Drew Arellano and Paolo Valenciano

Debunking the stereotypes and being sensitive to their wives

Paolo and Drew also discussed the importance of debunking common stereotypes with regard to parents’ roles. Paolo recalled the time when he was the one taking care of Leia while Sam was the one working at the height of the pandemic. He said that experience was humbling since a lot of his work was canceled.

“Men, I think, need to break out of that mindset na ito yung role ko, ito yung role ni mommy. We have to break the stereotypes na ito lang ang gagawin ko at ito lang sa kanya,” Paolo said of the roles of men and women.

Drew on the other hand said that for fathers and would-be fathers, it’s very important to check on their wives especially when they’re pregnant.

“I took cues. Sa mga fathers out there or future fathers, you’ve got to take or listen to those cues kasi it can make or break the day or the mood because of the mood swings of our wives,” he said recalling the time his wife, actress and TV host Iya Villania was sensitive during her first pregnancy.

“It’s very important to try and understand the feelings of the mother kasi sila talaga yung nag-aalaga initially ng mga bata,” he added.

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