A Parent’s Easy 5-Step Skincare Routine to Radiant Skin

When we’re handling kids, we don’t always have time to do a skin routine. So, we made a 5-step easy skincare routine to keep your skin constantly glowing.

Handling the kids, making sure the house works nicely, and juggling our jobsthe stress of all that’s probably showing on our skin by now! While we can’t help it most of the time, we need to make that extra effort to not break out. We shouldn’t wait for the wrinkles to sag and the pimples to break out. It’s time we stick to an easy, skinthusiast-verified, 5-step skincare routine to prevent us from looking old enough to be a waitress from the Last Supper.

1. Pair up the right moisturizers and the right creams

When we choose our creams and moisturizers, we have to make sure they’re the same brand. That way, you won’t have to worry about any strange chemical reactions on your face that might make you break out worse than the COVID-19 pandemic. So if you’re going to pair up some brightening creams and toners, we’d recommend sticking to Cetaphil’s Brightness Reveal Creamy Cleanser & Brightness Refresh Toner. Get those nasty impurities off your face and finish it off with a toner that keeps your skin hydrated and smooth.

2. Wash in lukewarm water

Your face has the most sensitive skin that even the temperature of the water can make a big difference to your skin routine! Hot water may open your pores but it can burn you if it’s too hot. Cold water’s good too but it closes up the pores, trapping the dirt inside. Using lukewarm water for your face makes it easier for you to deal also with the soap if it gets in your eyes or in places it shouldn’t be in.

3. Don’t forget your neck!

We usually treat our necks as an extension of our body but skinthusiasts say it’s better treat it as a part of our face. Especially when we start putting makeup, we often put some on our neck otherwise that shade difference is going to look so weird in photos! But over time, our necks start to blacken from constantly exposing our skin to those chemicals so using the Brightening Day Protection Cream SPF15 and Brightening Night Comfort Cream will help stop your neck from turning black.

4. One in the morning, one in the evening

A skincare routine must always be followed through from start to finish. In the morning, we run around the house to get things done and the humid heat is not making it any easier. Once the damage’s been done in the morning, we get to rest up at night. But our bodies can’t repair the damage done to the skin by themselves. They’ll need a little help from the Brightness Reveal Bar & Brightening Lotion of Cetaphil. Then, you can top it off with some Brightening Night Comfort Cream before hitting the hay.

5. Keep your bathroom organized

Like the Japanese believe, a cluttered room means a cluttered mind. Same applies to bathrooms; we need to keep our skincare items organized so we know where they are. Also, it prevents our kids from playing alchemist and scientist in the bathroom by mixing our precious creams together. Keeping our Cetaphil skincare products in a plastic box or rack also helps us organize which creams to pair and use for that part of the day.

Make sure you’re #CetForLife

Cetaphil helps us come up with an easy skincare routine not only keeps us looking great but keeps us grounded during this pandemic. It gives us a sense of control and the feeling that we’re #cetforlife. Especially now when everyone’s a germaphobe, we have to make sure that every inch of us is virus-free so that we can spend more time with our families. What’s a 5 minute easy skincare routine compared to spending the next 23 hours and 55 minutes with family, virus-free?

Looking to buy? Check out more of their products on their Facebook and Instagram, or visit www.cetaphil.com.ph. You can buy their products in Watsons or any supermarket!

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