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Elisse Joson Thanks Her Mom with a Series of Photos

No mom stops being a mom—even when you’re a mother yourself. Just like Elisse Joson.

Even though we’re parents already, that doesn’t stop our own parents from being ours. Celebrity mom Elisse Joson knows this as she thanks her mom on her Instagram with a series of pictures of her and Felize spending time with her mother, Dr. Christine Joson-Diuco, at the beach for the latter’s birthday. “Looking good at 59, mom,” she writes. “People always tell me how lucky I am to have you as a mom. Only recently am I able to show you how much I’m thankful for everything you’ve done for me.”

Dr. Christine Joson-Diuco, Elisse Joson's mom.
Photo from Elisse Joson IG

A Parent’s Job is Never Done

We all know that it’ll always be within our instincts to be there for our children even after they leave the nest. The same goes for Dr. Christine Joson-Diuco, who raised Elisse as a single mom while juggling her work as an anesthesiologist. It’s not easy to be in two jobs that demand genuine amounts of compassion and empathy. As a medical practitioner, Dr. Christine swore: “to do no harm” in accordance with the Hippocratic Oath. And as a single mom, Elisse was her world. From their journey to the United States and then back to the Philippines where Elisse’s career in entertainment boomed at 16 years old, she stood by her all the way.

Until today, the doctor and mama looks after Elisse even after she’s become a mother to Felize.

Elisse Joson hugging her mom.
Photo from Elisse Joson IG

A mom’s love never ends

Just like how our job as parents may never end, so does our love for kids. Dr. Christine proves that despite the constantly harrowing and compassion-draining profession as a doctor. And while we’re sure things were not easy for both moms, they can look back, laugh, and make more fun memories. Just like Elisse Joson writes to her mom, “But nothing is ever too late. I hope you feel my love every day.”

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