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Elvis and Alexa Gutierrez: The Lesson Plan At Home

Although informed by learning guides, Elvis and Alexa Gutierrez are crafting a unique curriculum for their children, anchored on values and virtue. 

Since the closing down of schools due to the pandemic, learning from home has become the standard for students. For both Elvis and Alexa, the “tremendous change” meant taking on the role of tutor and teacher. And since most home school institutions provide learning guides, the couple has had to divide subjects to allow them to fulfill other obligations at home and work. It’s become a mini campus at the Gutierrez household, where the parents are also full-time faculty. 

Gutierrez Homeschool Faculty

Alexa begins “Elvis supports by teaching Filipino, AP, Arts while I teach Math, Christian Living, and Science. We also opted to get extra support for Reading and English since we are both working. It is a bumpy ride but a humbling experience for us as the children continue to teach us new things.” 

Virtues anchor the learning experience in their home. According to Elvis and Alexa, they are crucial for fostering open-mindedness and empathy. “We try our best to apply the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control,” says both parents. 

Creating a learning environment

The residence has similarly transformed to suit the new learning set up of the children. Alexa advises, “Purchase the most basic things first like a table, chair, and a space to learn.” In between subjects, she also emphasizes the importance of creating memories and connecting. She states, “Homeschooling is also bonding with family and learning more about them.” Apart from the subscribed subjects on the learning guide, they incorporate other immersive activities that include prayer, upcycling, cooking. Alexa adds, “We enjoy swimming, drawing, baking, field trips and fashion design classes. We are always searching for new activities to do together.”

Engaging with others despite physical limitations

Community engagement through the parents’ group at Camp Explore has also supported the learning journey of both the kids and their parents. ‘“I learned that communication is key. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for support from other homeschool moms and try to build a community. Ask your children what they like and plan activities, and find classes around those likes. We also enroll them in classes at CampExplore so they can interact with other kids.”

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