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Enjoying Story Time with the Booboo Book Club

Pushpin Visuals Co-founder Elbert Or shares how his love for art influenced his parenting and his son’s becoming a podcaster for the Booboo Book Club.

When Pushpin Visuals Co-founder Elbert Or downloaded the Anchor App for his son, Oliver, to inspire his love for reading, he didn’t expect to get roped into making the Booboo Book Club podcast. “Since then, it’s been his show to run! He chooses the books to read, comes up with the script for the intro and credits, invites “guests” to read the books with him, and even directs the editing and cover art,” explains Elbert. “He even resists suggestions from us to establish a regular schedule! Oliver is very much a micromanager, from music choice to the color palette on the covers.”

Meet the adorable speaker of the Booboo Book Club!

Oliver’s love for books wasn’t just for the stories but the want to share them with other people. “I like reading my favorite books and sharing them with other kids around the world so that they can discover new favorites also,” says the little podcaster. “My favorite right now is King Baby by Kate Beaton. It’s very funny, especially when you’re reading it and not just listening to it. The drawings are very funny, too. My favorite moment is the ending because it’s funny and reminds me of my sister Zoe.”

booboo book club

While he enjoys a good book, Oliver loves the time he gets to spend with his family the more podcasts he creates. “I like making podcasts with Daddy and sometimes with Zoe and Mommy. It’s something we can do together and have fun.”

The Artist behind the Story

While Oliver creates podcasts to share the joy of reading with others, Elbert creates art to redefine, connect, and create clarity in a positive space. “While art is a passion, it’s a part of who I am. As a lifelong learner, art is one of my tools that helps me process and share my understanding of the world. Whether it’s through Pushpin Visuals, my art, or my teaching and coaching, I want to create spaces of clarity where people can see their best selves and make a positive impact on the world.”

booboo book club

As an artist and coach, Elbert shares how art can create a new wave of learning for kids in the digital era. “In an era of artificial intelligence and machine learning, in a world where things change faster than ever, nurturing our kids’ artistic talents will equip them with the empathy, agility, and creative problem-solving skills that will help them flourish in the future.”

A Journey through the World of Art as a Dad

To find the perfect blend of work and raising kids is something that Elbert and his wife, Lorra Elena, intentionally sought out. “Lorra and I have made a deliberate decision early on to homeschool our two kids (Oliver, 5 and Zoe, 3),” fondly explains Elbert. “Part of that is being intentional with two things. One is following and building on their own natural inclinations and interests. The other is involving them in my work as much as possible. Our role as parents is really just to encourage his interests, then we just play along.”

Whether it’s creating art or being a dad, Elbert lets his children’s inclinations lead him to raise them to be their best. “I would say it’s on us [Lorra and me] as parents to nurture the talents, interests, and strengths of our children. It’s often far easier to develop what they’re already good at and what they’re naturally interested in and build from there. As opposed to insisting they get better at things they’re bad at.”

Elbert Or is a graphic artist for Pushpin Visuals and also has a website where he showcases his art. But when he needs to put the pen down for a moment, he and Lorra help their two kids, Zoe and, Oliver with the Booboo Book Club.

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