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7 Environmentally-friendly Baby Items to Kickstart Your Sustainability Journey

Going green and sustainable is now easy for moms, as Baby Company offers environmentally-friendly products for the family.

As moms, we always put our family’s best interests first. This includes knowing what’s best for our little ones, as well as for the environment that we all live in.

But where do we begin? While there have been many sustainable options in the market, navigating through all the choices can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s essential to find reliable sources and brands committed to sustainability.

Enter Baby Company. This SM Retail affiliate participates in the green retail initiative of SM Store, called SM Green Finds. With its wide selection of environmentally friendly products—that are made with natural ingredients and likewise support communities—this brand can help kickstart your journey towards making responsible purchases.

7 environmentally friendly baby must-haves from Baby Company

From diapers to baby strollers, wipes, and more, Baby Company has anything and everything your little one will need. And bonus: they’re all environmentally friendly, too!

Diapers from Hey Tiger and Rascal & Friends

1. Biodegradable diapers

Babies need diapers, and lots of it, too! And while reusable diapers are an environmentally-friendly option, not everyone has the time to wash them after every use.

This is where green brands like Hey Tiger and Rascal & Friends come in. Made from sustainably sourced wood fluff pulp, these biodegradable diapers are dermatologically tested and safe for your little ones. Plus, they’re chlorine-free, chemical-free, and fragrance-free. As for their ink, it’s water-based and non-toxic!

Buy them here!

Natural changing spray from Tiny Buds

2. Natural changing spray

Diaper changes can be a messy and stinky affair, but even so, it’s important to stay clean. Whether for travel or at-home use, the Tiny Buds Natural Diaper Changing Spray does the job with ease! Just spray and wipe up their messy bottoms with cloth or disposable tissues, and they’re good to go!

This rinse-free natural spray contains Organic Aloe Vera, which helps restore the pH balance. It’s even paraben, SLS, and alcohol-free, making it safe for your little ones.

Buy it here!

Organic Baby wipes

3. Organic baby wipes

Given how messy babies can be, eco-friendly baby wipes are a godsend—not only at home but also when you’re on the go or traveling. But given that the usual baby wipes aren’t good for the environment, since they take forever to degrade, what’s a harried mom gonna do?

Switch to Organic Baby Wipes, of course! Aside from being 100% biodegradable, this alternative is infused with aloe vera and other natural ingredients that help prevent diaper rash. It’s guaranteed to be gentle on your baby’s skin and safe for the environment, too.

Buy them here!

Silicon breast pump from Precious moments

4. Silicone breast pump

Baby Company brands like Precious Moments have been a steadfast partner for your nursing and breastfeeding needs—even more so for working moms or families who are out and about. Just recently, it debuted an eco-friendly Silicone Manual Breast Pump, which is made from 100% medical-grade silicon material.

It’s portable, effective, and perfect for on-the-go breastfeeding!

Buy it here!

Nursing pads from Pur Baby

5. Nursing pads

Nursing pads are a must for breastfeeding moms. They allow you to go about your day without worrying about unexpected leaks, spills, or stains. And while there are disposable breast pads available in the market, the green choice would be to go for a washable alternative.

Enter these nursing pads from Pur Baby. They not only fit comfortably and discretely into the bra, but they also curve to the contour of your breast. Best of all, these high-quality cotton pads can easily be wasted and reused for your ease and convenience!

Buy them here!

Tyler Compact 6-in-1 Convertible Crib from Lily & Tucker

6. Crib

Your baby’s room will never be complete without a crib. But not just any crib will do—it needs to be
safe and sturdy, so your little one can sleep soundly and securely. But more than that, the modern-day crib needs to be versatile.

Take for example the Lily & Tucker brand. Their Tyler Compact 6-in-1 Convertible Crib is a sustainable and versatile crib crafted from pine wood, which you can easily switch into a newborn crib, co-sleeper, playpen, storage, rocker, and even a drawing board. Its modern design is both aesthetic and practical for long-time use.

Buy it here!

Joolz AER + Buggy stroller from Joolz

7. Stroller

As parents, you’ll need to invest in a good stroller. That way, you can bring your baby around, while ensuring that they’re safe and comfortable. And yes, a Joolz stroller is a fine example of that.

In fact, its Joolz AER + Buggy is an environmentally friendly option you can consider, as it is made out of 100% recycled polyester. It even comes to you in reusable packaging, and, they even plant trees for every stroller sold!

Buy it here!

Why it’s important to make conscious choices for your baby

Giving the best you can for your baby starts with making conscious choices through choosing environmentally friendly products.

For one thing, it helps reduce the carbon footprint that comes with the manufacturing and disposing of traditional baby products. Plus, environmentally friendly products usually don’t have harmful chemicals and toxins in them, which makes these products all the more safe for your baby.

And from a sustainable standpoint, making the eco-friendly choice can help build a better planet and a better future for your child.

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