7 Fun and Safe Toys to Stimulate Your Curious Baby

If you have a curious baby who likes to tinker with things, we’ve rounded up a list of toys that he or she can play with!

During their first few months of life, babies like to explore their. The thing is, we can’t baby-proof everything.

The solution? Buying toys that can keep our babies busy. Think of it as an investment for our peace of mind: when we look away, we can sigh in relief for a few moments because they won’t touch just anything. We list some fun and safe baby toys that will surely keep their curious little minds occupied.

7 Toys for Your Curious Baby

1. UPPSTÅ Multicolor Toy Hammering Block

When babies are still developing their motor skills, they need toys that are more durable than usual. These toys need to be made of solid material and won’t break after one use. Some of these come in wood or hardened plastic, like the UPPSTÅ Multicolor Toy Hammering Block.

With vibrant colors to attract our babies’ attention, they can happily pound away before flipping it around to reset the game.

Source: toytinkr Instagram

2. ToyTinkr Creative Building Blocks

Encourage your baby’s inner engineer with some creative building blocks. Being solid but lightweight wood and brightly colored means the babies can wave it around and chew on it without much repercussion. For us, the big blocks are easier to spot and clean up if we’re going to move our babies to another room.

3. Fisher-Price Infant Tropical Fun Pop-Up Toy

Although meant for 9-month-old babies, the Tropical Fun Pop-Up Toy entertains babies with the element of surprise! The toy has four buttons that make the fruity characters—strawberry, pear, pineapple, and orange—pop up with accompanying sounds.

The best part? The toy is educational, too! It teaches our babies about sequence, cause and effect, and memory as they start associating the colors with certain fruits.

Source: HalfToys

4. HalfToys Dinosaur and Animal Set

Want to introduce our babies to animals early on? Try HalfToys. This Chinese brand created little toys that parents and babies can take apart, put together, and even build a diorama for them!

Aside from the different animals and dinosaurs, it also introduces the concept of mommy and baby with some of the toys wearing diapers. The toys are held together by a magnet, which is embedded in their non-toxic plastic exterior.

5. Janod 4 Bath Cubes

Liven up your baby’s bathtime sessions by bringing out the Janod 4 Bath Cubes! If your baby is fond of puzzles, these cubes will keep them entertained as they put pictures back together. They’re also easy to clean after the baby puts the cubes in their mouths because of their water-repellant material.

There are 6 pictures to form, which is more than enough time for us to bathe our babies.

6. Janod Tropik—Multi-Activity Triangle

If we’re bringing our baby out, especially to restaurants, they’ll surely need to have a security toy or two to give them comfort. Take for example the Janod Tropik—Multi-Activity Triangle, which is easy to bring around. As a toy with no detachable parts, it’s easy to put away once the food comes. It even encourages motor skills, as it exposes them to all sorts of movements like turning and threading.

The best part? It’s a good substitute, especially if we’re trying to limit our kids’ screen time.

7. Infantway Sensofish Sensory Plush Toy

Babies don’t know their own strength yet, so giving them a sensory plush toy to start them out will ease our worries. The Infantway Sensofish Sensory Plush Toy engages our babies’ senses through the softness of the plush, the sweet crinkling sound, the vibrant colors, and even the turnable pages to develop their motor skills. It’s a toy that our babies would most likely tinker around with in their cribs.

Babies are always exploring the world, so give them a toy that lets them do so safely!

Babies, being in Piaget’s sensorimotor stage, will crawl, grab, and go everywhere to let their five senses learn whatever they can. But of course, we want to make sure our babies do so safely which these toys can do for them.

At the same time, these toys will probably encourage us to balance out the screen time with them. Besides, even the digital yayas need a rest!

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