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Gab Alipe and Erika Hocson: The Silver Linings Playbook

Model mompreneur, Erika Hocson, and Urbandub icon, Gabby Alipe share how they’ve created a safe haven for their son, Jacob, amidst unprecedented times. 

It took time before Erika Hocson and Gabby Alipe could fully adjust to a pandemic world put on an indefinite standstill. Lockdowns, restricted travel, and limited movement ran contrary to days once spent on-the-go. As they slowly began adapting to a slower pace, the couple found themselves carving out productive hours while working from home. Alternately, this drastic shift also presented them with the precious gift of quality time with their son, Jacob.  

Keeping active mentally and physically

Gabby is set on keeping their 8-year old active, saying, “We continue to train Jiu-jitsu, we’ve learned how to draw, play chess, and even make bread.” Prioritizing their son’s well-being, the dedicated parents are always on the look-out for activities to do at home and bonding as a family. “I try my best to give our son my full attention. When I’m doing something work-related, I stop and allow him to ask whatever questions or requests he may have. If it’s something I can’t do immediately, I always tell him the reason why, or let him know that I will do it after I finish my work. Thankfully, he understands. As long as I never make him feel like I’m brushing him off.” 

Erika: “Stick to a schedule and manage time well.”

As a working mom, Erika shares that it’s important to stick to a schedule and manage time well. While they enjoy movie nights frequently and have their meals together as a family, lines are clearly drawn when it comes to handling business. “I set firm boundaries for myself, but I make sure that when it’s time for Jacob, it’s really just time with and for him. I do take breaks to check up on him and let him know that I’m just there if he needs me,” adds the founder of Sirena Swimwear. 

Erika and Gabby: “We only have each other to lean on.”

For Gabby, this drastic shift also ushered in a new appreciation for those whom he holds dearest. “The level of closeness and sense of family has definitely heightened. We only have each other to lean on,” utters the proud family man. Likewise, Erika’s sights are decidedly focused on the silver linings, saying, “Ultimately, it made us communicate more and we learned how to properly deal with each others’ personalities. Communication is key and quality time is crucial.”

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