Gabby Concepcion and Daughter KC Open Up About Connecting After 15 Years

In celebration of Father’s Day, father and daughter Gabby and KC Concepcion sat down for a heart-to-heart interview about reconnecting with each other 15 years ago.

Gabby Concepcion and his daughter KC recently sat down for one of their heart-to-heart interviews on the actor’s vlog as a Father’s Day special. In the vlog, the two talked about the memories they had and how they eventually reconnected while Gabby was in the US.

Childhood memories

Gabby asked KC what were some of the childhood memories she had with him. The actress and entrepreneur shared that anything related to the beach is one of her special memories with him.

“Yung papakyawin mo lahat ng mga bilihin nila, those are my favorite moments with you. Yung mga outdoor adventures,” she recalled of her dad buying from the fishermen. “I always tell you you’re the first man I ever loved.”

She added that she is grateful that they were able to reconnect with one another after he left for the US. KC was raised by her mom Sharon Cuneta and stepdad Kiko Pangilinan.

Gabby and KC Concepcion
Source: Gabby Concepcion Youtube

Reconnecting after 15 years

KC said that she is happy that he has made the effort for them to spend time together. “You’re very, very much involved and very present in my life in my adult years. It really made up for all the time that we didn’t get to spend together.”

Gabby also asked her when she felt closest to him. KC pointed out that he was not just there during the good times but during her lowest points as well. Gabby then mentioned that it was important KC was open to him because he worries when she clams up.

“When you open up and when you say things, then you know already. But when you clamp up, that worries me.”

During the conversation, the two recalled when KC called him up — which started the reconnection between them.

“This is really, very meaningful to me. I was doing real estate in California and then nilalabas ko lahat ng gamit ko sa kotse and malamig nun. Nung nilalabas ko yung envelope, biglang nag-ring yung telepono. Pagsagot ko ng telepono, may nagsabing hi, may I speak to Gabby Concepcion? And I said ‘hi, is this my baby?'”

“I knew it was you on the phone.”

KC admitted she was nervous then. Gabby, on the other hand, knew that one day they will reconnect and get to spend more time together.

Gabby and KC Concepcion
Source: KC Concepcion Instagram

Inspiring others

KC proceeded to share a story of singer Moira dela Torre who she was with during an event. According to KC, Moira hugged her and said that she was inspired by the story of her reconnection with Gabby.

“Moira loves you so much she had magazine articles in her room or wall or something. Parang ever since we met and told our story, naka-relate si Moira. She was so touched sa story natin,” KC shared.

KC summarized everything that Moira was eventually able to reconnect with her dad. Gabby encourages everyone to reestablish a connection with people they may not have spoken to for years.

As they ended their talk, Gabby said that he will always be supporting KC and that for him, she even surpassed the achievements he had. Like any parent, he is always on the lookout for her happiness.

“I always want to know that whatever you do, you are happy. Whether it’s work, being with friends, or having a relationship. I may not be saying it all the time but I am always thinking of your welfare, your happiness,” he said.

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