4 Reasons to Catch Garfield In Cinemas

Garfield is now shown in cinemas and we share why kids should watch it!

Garfield, the orange-loving lasagna cat is back on the big screen with an adventure he didn’t expect. Here are four reasons why families, particularly their kids should watch the newest Garfield movie.

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1. Garfield’s relationship with Odie is not your typical love-hate relationship

Those who grew up reading the comic strips and watching the show know that Garfield (voiced by Chris Pratt) loves bossing Odie around. In the film, however, Garfield still does boss Odie but the lovable yellow dog is no pushover. Sometimes, Odie scolds Garfield, especially regarding his relationship with his dad Victor. And let’s not forget that Odie is and will always be Garfield’s loyal friend.

2. Time heals relationship between father and son

We all know how complicated a parent and child relationship can be especially when the child felt abandoned. Garfield, felt anger and annoyance when he saw his dad Victor (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) resurfacing out of nowhere.

Forced to do a mission by Jinx (voiced by Hannah Waddingham) as payment for Victor’s abandonment of her, Garfield finds himself getting into arguments with Victor along the way until they finally realize that they need each other. Their relationship is tested one more time but they eventually started to mend their relationship.

3. Everyone helps and cooperates

On their mission, Garfield, Odie, and Victor cross paths with Otto (voiced by Ving Rhames), a mascot for Lactose Farms, the farm they’re supposed to get milk from. The trio discovered that Otto was laid off from the farm while his beloved partner Ethel had become a display for the farm’s activities. The trio eventually teamed up with Otto to get Ethel as they underwent training to get inside the farm.

4. Pets are like family for many

Jon is a single man and Garfield and Odie mean a lot to him. When the two disappear, he worries like a parent as he searches for them. The movie pet owners to be responsible and take care of their pets because they also deserve love and care.

Photo from Columbia Pictures

Garfield will always be loved!

Garfield’s attitude may be questionable but the lessons from the film show that he has a soft side that they’ll love. We’re like Garfield in some ways and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Don’t forget to catch the newest Garfield movie in the nearest local cinema!

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