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Geneva Cruz Receives Laang Kawal Special Recognition Award

As a member among the reservists for the Philippine Air Force, Geneva Cruz considers the award a great honor.

When celebrity mom Geneva Cruz received the Laang Kawal Special Recognition Award, she was both overjoyed and honored that the Philippine Air Force trusts that her use of her uniform as a reservist of the Philippine Air Force is well-done. “Salamat po sa pagtitiwala, @philippine_air_force; makakaasa kayo na lagi ko’ng responsable at taas-noong isusuot ang aking uniporme,” she writes on her Instagram post.

Geneva Cruz Receives Laang Kawal Special Recognition Award
Source: Geneva Cruz Instagram

She also adds that it has been her wish to continue being of use to her fellow Filipinos.

What is the Laang Kawal Special Recognition Award?

“Laang Kawal” is a term that refers to the reserves of the different departments of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, highlighting the passion for volunteerism and compassion for fellow Filipinos. In 2022, a Palaweña named Melissa Grace Olit used her knowledge as a professor in Hospitality and Management. She founded Chef Aiza’s Community Kitchen and also provided meals to those affected badly during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Geneva Cruz Laang Kawal Special Recognition Award
Source: Geneva Cruz Instagram

Geneva Cruz celebrates that same spirit of volunteerism as her award reads the many efforts she has contributed to the military. This includes her work during Children’s Month in Pasay, the Medical Mission in Tondo, tree planting in Silang, Cavite, and also creating a campaign that would help further Philippine Air Force’s advocacies.

The spirit of volunteerism is strong in this mama!

As a single mom, Geneva Cruz knows what it’s like to devote herself to the betterment of someone. Her kids, Heaven and London, are the main sources of her compassion. Everyone deserves a helping hand, no matter how small the effort is. So it’s a well-deserved award for Laang Kawal Sgt. Geneva Cruz.

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