Good and Stable Internet Makes Christmas at Home a Happy One

The biggest frustration for many families is how some members can’t make it home for Christmas and are forced to celebrate online.

PLDT Home, being one of the biggest internet providers, plays a big role in our lives, especially during the holidays. When we’re in need of a Spotify playlist we inconveniently forgot to download, we require the internet to download the playlist. For those planning a movie night with Disney+, a strong connection is essential to stream those movies. But most of all, for many families with OFWs and relatives far away — the internet is their only way to stay connected. Many nurses, doctors, and professionals working during the holidays also need the internet to enjoy Christmas as if they are at home with their loved ones.

Just how necessary is good internet?

Good internet allows grandparents to attend Simbang Gabi online. Plus, it lets many of our relatives greet each other through Messenger and different communication apps. Some of us may be in Long Distance Relationships (LDR) and would call one another at exactly 11:59 PM to be the very first to wish each other Merry Christmas. With PLDT Home Fiber and Fiber Asenso’s Deals, both new and existing subscribers can find Christmas gifts from the deals for being or choosing to be loyal PLDT users. They have several raffles as well—which you can find on their website.

PLDT Home also offers access to Lionsgate Play, HBO Premium, and Viu Premium. House of Dragons fans will have a chance to catch up on the first season. And those looking for more K-Dramas to binge can find them on Viu Premium. There are many movies on these streaming platforms that are perfect for a Christmas party for all ages.

A stable and good internet makes sure everyone is home for Christmas

Some may find the distance difficult to deal with especially when they see pictures of the actual celebration. But with good internet from PLDT Home, it’ll be easier to feel part of the family even from a distance.

For more details, check out their website with their multiple upgrade plans and bundles to prepare for busy Christmas parties at home.

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