Gypsy Rose Blanchard Is Going To Be A Mom!

Gypsy Rose Blanchard announced that she and her boyfriend Ken Urker are expecting their first child in January 2025

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is pregnant. The Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup star announced on her vlog that she and her boyfriend Ken Urker are expecting their first child sometime in January 2025.

“I know the rumors have been flying around for quite some time now,” she said. “And I’m happy to announce that I am 11 weeks pregnant.”

Although it was an unexpected pregnancy, Gypsy said that she and Ken welcomed the new chapter of their lives.

“This was not planned at all, it was completely unexpected, but we’re both very excited to take on this new journey of parenthood.”

Photo from gypsy.rose.blanchard.insta Instagram

Already feeling the symptoms

Gypsy continued saying that she was already starting to feel the pregnancy symptoms.

“The first thing I started to notice was the craving. And the first thing I started to crave was orange juice,” she shared.

She also added that her hunger was different and started to binge. She initially thought she missed her period because she just visited her OB Gynecologist. Ken suggested a pregnancy test and that was it.

Although people wonder if she is ready to be a mom, Gypsy is taking things in stride.

 “I know that there are going to be people who feel like I’m not ready to be a mother,” she said. “And I don’t know if anyone’s really ready to be a mother.”

“All the things that I wanted in a mother, I want to give to this baby,” she continued as she started to tear up. “I am a mother now, I am happy, and I just want to be a good mother for my child. I want to be everything my mother wasn’t.”

Gypsy’s story

For those who don’t know Gypsy, she stepped out of prison last December 2023 after receiving parole. Gypsy was charged with second-degree murder of her mom Dee Dee Blanchard.

Since getting out of prison, Gypsy has started to rebuild her life, including reconnecting with Ken. Before Ken, she was married to Ryan Anderson while in prison.

When her marriage to Ryan failed, she reconnected with Ken again.

“I would say that Ken is my first love because that’s when I honestly felt like a mature love. It wasn’t based off of a fantasy. It was actually based on a connection that two people have for each other,” she told People.

Her story indeed shows that you can start another life. Congratulations to the couple!

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