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How Families Can Make Holy Week Fun in Metro Manila

Even if some places are closed during the long weekend, you can still enjoy some family fun in Metro Manila this Holy Week 2024.

Some of us are staying in Metro Manila for Holy Week this 2024 because we’re not in the mood to deal with the traffic coming back home. With other families going home to the province or taking advantage of the long weekend to go out of town or abroad, Metro Manila will have a lot more wiggle room for us to travel within the area.

And this is perfect for families who want to take it easy, use the holiday to rest, or even spend time with the family.

Staying in Metro Manila doesn’t have to be boring. Here are things we can do to fill Holy Week 2024 with some good ol’ family fun!

1. Go on a staycation.

While other stores are closed for the long weekend, hotels won’t be. Experience a vacation within the urban jungle of Metro Manila by taking advantage of the amenities they offer. Some have large pools, breakfast buffets, game rooms, and many other things.

For the teens, hotels are styled in a way to reflect resorts, so they can work some angles to make it look like they did go out of the metro. All for the gram!

2. Go biking!

Since the roads are a little clearer, people can now feel safe as they bike around. Fewer cars during Holy Week 2024 means also less polluted air, which allows families who stay in the metro to enjoy the fresh air.

Besides, biking around the metro serves as good exercise for everyone! It also makes drinking that little pick-me-up frappé or latté from our favorite coffee shop all the sweeter.

3. Hold a mini-photoshoot session.

If any of us are getting into content creation and need photos, Holy Week’s the time since fewer photobombers are hanging around! Some areas like Ayala Triangle, Luneta Park, Marikina River Park, and even Intamuros have scenic backdrops to fill our Instagram feeds with.

We can even record reels or TikTok videos if we’re feeling a little more outgoing and want to change the usual indoor backdrop to something outdoor.

4. Explore cities we don’t normally visit.

We’re familiar with cities like Makati, BGC, Quezon City, and San Juan because it’s less congested or at least, easier to navigate through than the others. But changing up the scenery by exploring other cities like Marikina, Valenzuela, Pateros, Malabon, and the like can offer quite an adventure while there are fewer people in the metro. These cities do have a lot of hidden gems for both shoppers and foodies alike!

5. Try a new workout regimen!

Take advantage of the mandated office break and try different workouts! There’s pilates, yoga, somatic therapy, kegel, and so many others to try!

Finding the ultimate workout, however, depends on your preference, along with factors like your stamina, endurance, and what part of the body you’d like to tone. Some like workouts that get the blood pumping like dancing or running. On the other hand, some prefer workouts that can fit in small spaces.

But the important part is getting the whole family involved because schoolwork and career means that we’re glued to the chair, which can be unhealthy in the long run.

Holy Week 2024 is the time to re-align.

Holy Week has always been a holiday to reflect, meditate, and re-align ourselves with our life’s goals and objectives. But more than that, the long weekend allows us to catch up on the things we’ve been wanting to do but can’t because of the hustle and bustle of life.

Aside from finding something for our kids to do, the Holy Week can provide us with some much-needed quiet time together with the family as we all re-energize for what’s to come after.

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