No Gym Required! Workouts You Can Do in A Condo

Whether it’s in a condo or a small space, here are 8 workouts you can do. No gym equipment required!

With rooms, condos, and houses shrinking in size, finding the motivation to work out becomes even more difficult. Some of us precisely go to the gym to get into the mood. But for many of us who still are not comfortable with exercising or working out in public spaces, the only time we get to work out is at home. Here are some workouts you can do in a condo with little to no gym equipment required.

A woman doing a workout in a condo

1. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Using the elevator is part and parcel of living in a condo. But when you’re looking for exercise to burn some calories, going down the stairs instead of using the elevator can help you reach those 6,000 steps on your counter. Since many of us order via food delivery services, going down will be a frequent occurrence. If you feel going down isn’t much of a challenge, try climbing up the stairs instead. Slowly increase from 2 flights of stairs to 3, and so on and so forth. The closed environment also helps you train in low-oxygen environments, improving your blood circulation and the creation of red blood cells.

2. Dynamic Palm Stretch

This workout improves flexibility and doesn’t need much room in your condo. Interlock your fingers and stretch your arms upward while tiptoeing. It helps you become more flexible and removes those annoying aches and muscle locks in the shoulder. Plus, it’s a good abdominal workout as you stretch your back and stomach to compensate for the balance of your arms and toes. Do so for the next 5 minutes every day and you’ll notice some difference, especially in flexibility.

3. Wrist rotation

Especially since we’re on our computers all day for work, flexing, rotating, and flicking your wrist will lessen the chances of sprain, strain, and the ever-annoying carpal tunnel. Rotating your wrist every few minutes or so will at least prevent your bones and wrist muscles from freezing up after using the computer for so long.

4. Squats

A workout more for strength and lifting, we moms will end up carrying heavy things one way or another especially when moving things around in a condo. Whether it’s our toddler who wants up-up or boxes of baby clothes that our babies outgrew in a week or just the who family in general, squats will teach us to lift using our knees and not our backs. Plus, it’s less tiring if we lift with our knees. There’s more power when we’re lifting something heavy, too. A good 10 a day is enough. Slowly increase it to 20 and then 30, pretty soon, 50 shouldn’t be hard.

5. Neck rotations

If there’s one thing we moms hate, it’s our weird double chins that ruin a perfectly good photo. We’re already toned and fit but for some strange reason, our dreaded double chin still appears. Rotating our necks and nodding our heads every few minutes or so to flex the muscles not only lessen the double chin but also prevent stiff necks.

6. Waist rotations

A lot of women have a stubborn layer of fat on their bellies, otherwise known as the salbabida. Twisting and rotating our waists every now and then can flex our abdominal muscles to slowly burn off the fat. It helps stretch our backs as well, which are probably aching from slouching on our computer chairs.

7. Arm rotations

Another thing that people seem to like poking but we women hate is the flab on our arms. We slap them, whack them, give them a sound no — but these people are quite hard-headed like toddlers. Arm rotations can tone the muscles in the arms along with the dynamic palm stretches so that there will be nothing for them to flick. We can even do it sitting down.

8. Leg raises

While some prefer doing it on a flat surface, the leg raise workout can still be done in the condo and it works on the bed, too. Some women even prefer doing leg raises while they’re binge-watching or right before bedtime so that it’ll be easier to fall asleep.

A lady works out in her condo

Workouts in the Condo Don’t Need That Much Space!

We’re always under the assumption that workouts need a lot of space and equipment. But even athletes don’t use the gym as their main space for training. Some prefer the outdoors because the varying temperatures or climates can help boost their performance. Although that’s why we pay for a condo’s association dues for gym and amenities maintenance, that doesn’t mean we can’t work out when the gym is full.

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