These Are The Only Gummy Bears You Don’t Have To Share With Your Kids

Your fave gummy bears from Honest Junk now come spiked with alcohol. You’re welcome.

When you’re done putting the kids to bed after a long day of homeschooling and WFH, you need to relax, mama. And what better way to chill out than with a delish treat, the sweet sound of silence and the promise of a few hours to yourself? Our top tip? Take your relaxation situation to the next level with Honest Junk’s newest flavors — cocktails infused with liquor from your favorite premium local brands, Full Circle Craft Distillers, Don Papa Rum, and Engkanto Brewery.

These Gummy Spikes are full of the same good stuff that goes into Honest Junk’s gummies. Yup, the brand you love for its use of 100% natural fruit juices, moringa and no added refined sugar, now comes with an added kick. Perfect when you want a bit more fun during snack time.

Here’s what else you need to know about this new collab:

Apple Arctini Gummy Spikes

Copper distilled in small batches in an automated CARL still from Germany, ARC Lava Rock Vodka is filtered over lava rocks from Taal and Mayon volcanoes. This results in a crisp, neutral spirit with a hint of minerality, allowing the natural green apple juice flavor to come through vibrantly.

Signal No. 4 Gummies

Don Papa Rum uses their festive Masskara Rum -infused with Siling Labuyo, Calamansi and Philippine Honey – for their Signal No. 4 gummies. A playful take on the popular Hurricane cocktail, the rum goes perfectly with natural passion fruit juice. These spiked gummy bears leave a very tropical finish on the palate!

Engkanto Pale Ale Gummy Bears

Engkanto’s resident brewmaster chose its Pale Ale as it would give the best beer flavor when infused into a gummy bear. The brewery blended natural watermelon and melon juices into the gummies, resulting in a remarkable, summery snack. Putting together the special recipe for the Engkanto Elixir was an exciting detour for the brewery, and it expects foodies will get a kick out of these as well.

Why we love Honest Junk

When it comes to healthy snacks, Honest Junk is always top of mind. Since 2016, it’s been tickling Filipino tastebuds with an assortment of healthy treats. We’re talking moringa-fortified gummy bears to cookies enriched with superfoods! We also love how they’re committed to only using the best nature-derived ingredients for its products, a true It’s a testament to their vision, “the right kind of wrong”. The company’s founders believe that if snacking is “wrong” for you, you can always make it better by making snacks with the “right” kind of ingredients.

Want to try these out for yourself? Order away at!

For more information on Honest Junk, follow @honestjunk on Instagram and Facebook. Follow Archipelago by FullCircle Distillers @fullcircledistillers; Don Papa Rum @donpapamasskara; Engkanto Brewery @engkantobrewery on Instagram and Facebook

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