How A Little Girl’s Otter Made Her An Author

This little girl became an author by using an inside joke between her and her mom.

Kids have an amazing imagination and it’s our job to encourage it and make sure that society doesn’t crush it. So when a little girl says it’s a dream for her to be an otter, she might be saying she wants to be an author. That’s exactly what happened to Ally Sy, a little girl who became an author because of an inside joke involving her two front teeth.

An Otter Wants To Be An Author

“I always wanted to be an author, but I couldn’t pronounce the word back then,” Ally sheepishly laughs. “I didn’t have my two front teeth, so the word author turned into the word otter!”

Now we know why the title rhymes! Her story is written in couplets that, when read aloud, kids might find themselves rapping to it. Ally giggles at the thought and even recalls how her own friends did it with Dr. Seuss’s books.

“They would pick a book from the shelf and then they would beatbox while reading Dr. Seuss,” she beamed. “It was all sooo funny!”

But that’s what most authors want to achieve. That level of posterity and impact, but for the little girl, it was more to make a dream come true. Her only regret, Ally says, is that she couldn’t break the world record to be the youngest author to ever publish a book.

“I think the youngest was around 10?” She shrugs. “Oh well, there’s still others! Maybe, the youngest author to publish the MOST books!”

The Otter who wants to be an Author

Your Kids’ Dreams May not Be A Phase

Sure, kids can say the most outrageous of things. But it’s only outrageous because as adults, we’ve subconsciously put a filter between our brains and our mouths. We’ve silenced our imagination to fit in with the rest of the world. Yet, it’s that kind of imagination and drive that Ally we look for in our everyday lives. When there are others who don’t believe in you or your kids, be the otter. Dream. Write. There will always be someone out there who needs to hear from you.

The Otter Who Wants To Be an Author is currently available on Amazon and Partridge Publishing. However, your local bookstores may have a way to bring the book in too!

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