6 Classic Books For Kids To Read and Learn From

When some of the new stories can’t put up, it just goes to show that you can’t beat the classic books that have been adapted for kids.

The greatest frustration of any parent is getting their kids to love reading classic books. Especially when they don’t have colorful pictures and animated drawings, there’s a lot of resistance coming from the kids. However, there are some classic books that were translated and designed for kids to enjoy. Here are some classic books for your kids to enjoy and expand their interest in books.

1. Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. have done a wonderful job in bringing the supersleuth to life. This classic book was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the cases are often split into smaller books. One of the more common titles of the Sherlock Holmes books for kids is the Case of the Speckled Band where they have to find the murderer. Another is the Hounds of Baskerville. However, this particular novel may be better off when the kids are tweens as there are some mentions of hellhounds in said book.

2. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Kids nowadays probably know more about history than we do that they’re probably more familiar with the French Revolution. Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables is a classic book that’s been transformed into comics for kids. Some even have shortened versions. Kids here will learn that redemption is possible in any sort of shape and form, even for a convict like Jean Valjean. If the book is unavailable, the 10th-anniversary musical and the movie is available too.

3. King and I by Richard Rodgers

Also popularly known as Anna and the King of Siam, this classic has been remade into a musical and an animated movie. Its reason being here on this list is that it’s one of the few classic books that tackle Asian history. The story bases itself on the real-life accounts of British governess Anna Leonowens and her meetings with King Mongkut (Rama IV). Besides the songs, this classic book’s uniqueness lies in the portrayal of Southeast Asian culture. A rarity in most novels.

4. Midnight Summer’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Unlike the other titles that involve death and blood, Midnight Summer’s Dream is by far, the most kid-friendly. It tackles politics in both the fairy world and the human world. It probably has less death but more on pranks and mischief. It’s one of the most common and classic Shakespearan books that were adapted for kids so that they could get more into the classics. They’ll eventually read the real stuff in High School or College though.

5. White Fang by Jack London

For your kids who love dogs and wolves, the classic book White Fang by Jack London will be a good choice. Although it reveals the cruelty of dogfighting, it also talks about how dogs are capable of becoming extremely loyal. It teaches our kids that human cruelty is what makes animals vicious, not because they’re inherently so. There are a lot of bookstores that sell the kiddie version of White Fang so it’s not a hard title to find.

6. The Sword in the Stone

The Sword in the Stone’s probably more popularly known as King Arthur. The story of magic, real knightly virtues, and even cunning is something that’ll get your kids into reading. This classic book has been adapted in all sorts of ways for kids that some of it may not even be the same. However, King Arthur’s legends still encourage the knightly virtues of loyalty, honesty, and most of all — courage which is needed during these trying times.

Encourage reading with these classic books for kids

These classic books may have not originally been meant for kids but they do offer a lot of intrigue and interest. Stories nowadays follow a pretty rigid formula, making them not so interesting. But for your kids who are aspiring to be writers, these are the stories they can get inspiration from. These classic books are usually found in the book section for kids. But they can be quite a jewel to find in pre-loved book shops too.

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