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How To Elevate And Style Your Slip Dress For The Holidays

It’s time to add a little more class and style to the beloved and comfy slip dress.

Often made from nylon, rayon, or polyester’s smooth threads or a combination of all three, the slip dress has evolved from a nightgown to a possible piece exuding relaxed elegance. Often, the sheen of the material makes the slip dress formal events worthy when paired up and layered with the right fashion pieces. Especially if we’re not in the mood to “dress to impress,” the slip dress solves 80% of the problem with the right layering and pairing!

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1. Layering of a blazer on top of the slip dress

Be it Printed, Tweed, Cropped, or Oversized — blazers add a Parisian feel especially when styled with neutral colors. Most slip dresses come in black, champagne, cream, white, or nude and have blazer counterparts around the store. For a more casual look, a cropped blazer or a blazer with no shoulder pads make a more subtle impact. Tweed and oversized blazers, especially when they have accents like pearls, studs, rivets, and macrame knots, command more attention.

2. A neutral-colored T-shirt under the dress

Layering isn’t only for outerwear but transforming usual tops into underwear too. A neutral-colored t-shirt, like white or black, is a favorite underwear for slip dresses. Especially if the slip dress sports spaghetti straps, the white or black t-shirt along with a denim jacket adds a more rugged and youthful look. Some even, if the neckline is a deeply scooping, wear thin button-up shirts underneath.

Some even use knitted turtlenecks instead of plain shirts to look more classy.

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3. Let your shoes decide how formal you want to be.

A slip dress is already boho in style but can lack a bit of personality unlike other beach-themed outfits. Pair the slip dress with some statement strappy sandals — both heeled or flat. The sequins and stones on the sandals can either elevate it into boho chic or even wedding chic. Heeled or flat sandals with brightly colored beads for a beach brunch with friends and glittery with gold or silver hardware for weddings.

Some even wear boots with their slip dress to make it more casual.

4. Wrap chiffon scarves or shawls around the shoulders and cinch with a belt or brooch.

Chiffon may glimmer but looks more matte in appearance which doesn’t overpower the sheen of the slip dress. If blazers feel too heavy to bring around, scarves and shawls are the lighter alternatives. When styled with the right cinch-belt or brooch, it creates a more formal look which we can style with flats or sandals.

Source: Pinterest

5. Sweaters and Cardigans make the look warmer and more cozy.

Blazers are more empowering while sweaters and cardigans emphasize on the subtle, dainty, and cozy feminine look. Cardigans range from long to short, often knitted. But some have a wool-like texture which adds more dimension to the smooth slip dress. A more playful look can even involve a graphic sweater with our favorite character on it.

6. Band T-shirts on top

Band T-shirts, or graphic t-shirts in general don’t always scream elegance or do well for elevated looks. But because most band t-shirts or graphic shirts come in neutral colors, it’s a lot easier to style the slip dress as a “skirt.” On top of the slip dress, throw on a band t-shirt and some white sneakers and we’re good to go!

Slip Dress: A Staple turned Statement

We’re always trying to find ways to elevate our staples because some of us just don’t have the closet space anymore. As moms, we grew alongside our hemlines, swapping out mini-skirts for full-length ones or long dresses. But it’s a natural evolution; with the right sources, conservative looks can remain chic, classy, and contemporary. Slip dresses are one fashion piece that will never fall out of our closets!

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