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How to Prevent Postpartum Hair Loss: 4 Tips from a Hairstylist Mom

First-time mom and hair expert, Katch Mejias, shares a few helpful tips on how to prevent postpartum hair loss.

One of the things that many moms dread right after giving birth is postpartum hair loss. It usually occurs a little after the fourth trimester and is caused by falling estrogen levels. There’s no need to worry too much because this is completely normal. Dermatologists refer to this condition as excessive hair shedding. However, it’s understandable to feel concerned—especially upon seeing all the strands in your shower drain. The good news is that this is temporary. Most women see their hair return to its normal fullness a few months after. But if it bothers you, we asked hairstylist and first-time mom Katch Mejias to share some tips on how to prevent postpartum hair loss!

katch mejias on how to prevent postpartum hair loss
Katch Mejias with her baby girl, Kairi Anela

4 Tips on How to Prevent Postpartum Hair Loss

1. Drink postnatal vitamins

Katchie says that drinking postnatal vitamins will help not just with hair fall but also with your overall recovery. “Giving birth can cause your body to be down for months especially when you are sleep-deprived. So vitamins can boost your immune system. But make sure you eat healthily and drink lots of water as well.”

2. Minimize friction

Tying your hair or styling it often can cause friction to the scalp. So be gentle with brushing your hair. It’s best to wait for hair to dry before combing. This is because hair is weaker when wet! “I myself made a quick decision to cut it short since the baby also started pulling on my hair. It’s a cute style and you cut costs from shampoos.”

katch mejias on how to prevent postpartum hair loss

3. Use volumizing shampoos and a strengthening serum with biotin

Katchie says that while results aren’t an immediate effect, these can help make limp hair look thicker and more luscious. You can try the OGX Thick & Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo if you’re looking to add volume to your hair.

4. Stay away from harsh chemical hair treatments

For now, it’s best to avoid treatments such as bleaching, rebonding, or perming—at least until the shedding stage is over. “You may use castor oil for your scalp to promote hair growth,” Katchie adds.

Preventing Postpartum Hair Loss

While this condition is inevitable, following the tips that Katch mentioned can help lessen hair fall. Just remember that it’s only temporary and in a few months, you’ll have your crowning glory once more.

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