Bad Hair Days are Over with this Online Salon!

The L’Oreal Online Salon Shop debuts it’s opening on December 15, 2021 to connect us to our favorite salons.

It became so hard for us to schedule our monthly pampering and hair care sessions when COVID-19 hit. Salons force-closed their shops or transitioned to home-service. But the communication isn’t always that smooth. However, L’Oreal opens the new L’Oreal Online Salon Shop wherein we can consult with their hair experts without struggling to schedule or deal with the fear of crowds. Whether it’s to get our hair colored, treated, trimmed, or have a spa, the L’Oreal Online Salon Shop (LSS) can help figure out which salon will cater to our needs the best.

Getting rid of split ends

We get annoyed when our appointments get messed up. We also don’t want to risk going out for pampering. But the L’Oreal Online Salon Shop is there to make the communication and consultation easier. It’ll help maintain the strict protocols upheld by the salons and give you and your hair expert an idea of what to do so you save on time. At the same time, they’ll be helping out with some product deliveries.

“As the LSS grows, we’ll also be doing product delivery and eventually branch out to home service,” says Azta Urban Salon‘s Melisa Velhagen during the site’s debut.

But for us moms who want to start out our own beauty salon, we can still use LSS’s services. They’ll even get some premium benefits that they offer to their consumers.

“We also want other salons to join even if they have their own websites,” says Business Director Lota Jamer from L’Oreal Philippines. “That way, they can also save on costs so they won’t have to run their own website anymore if ever.”

Goodbye, bad hair days! Hello, online salon shopping!

As moms, sometimes we feel guilty about going out to pamper ourselves. But caring for ourselves helps us become better parents. And if we’re also trying to start out our own businesses, it’s good to find some help from the bigger companies. L’Oreal Online Salon Shopping is here to help not only pamper ourselves but also those in the beauty industry so they can get back on their feet.

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