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5 Places That Can Give Your Kids a Haircut

Say goodbye to our kids’ bad hair days with these salons. It’s time we give them a proper haircut!

If there’s anything we’ve all struggled with, it’s a bad hair day. Whether it’s dealing with split ends, dry hair, frizzy hair, or whatever kind of hair, we’ve probably tried every hair care product in existence to tame that mane. Even our kids are struggling to deal with their bad hair days! So, we’ve gathered a few salons that are now open to give your kids the haircut they deserve.

Haircut for Kids

1. Cuts 4 Tots

haircut for kids

Although they usually cater to kids from 0 to 10 years old, Cuts 4 Tots now has a package that caters to the whole family. All their hairstylists have been trained to handle restless kids and use their own equipment, which they sterilize to make sure your kids don’t get COVID. They even have their own car, PPEs, and a UV light to keep things clean. As of the moment, they cater to those living in San Juan, Mandaluyong, and selected parts of Quezon City and Manila. You can make a reservation via their FB.

2. Beauty Nomad

Beauty Nomad has done a variety of home services such as haircuts as well as other cosmetic pamperings. They do waxing, eyelash extensions, threading — all the stuff we or maybe our older kids would want to do during this pandemic. They do home service for different parts of Metro Manila and even cover parts beyond Metro Manila. If you want to contact them, you can check out their IG or their Facebook for more details.

3. Piandre Beauty Salon

Piandre has been around for a while and is a long-time favorite among our daughters who want to get their hair done for proms and balls. Being well-known means they have a lot of branches so they can cover more ground. They specialize in getting perms and straightening done, so if you’re exhausted dealing with giving yourself or your kids a haircut or a new hairstyle, they can change it up. You can check which of their branches are nearest to you so you’ll know where the stylist is from on their FB, IG, and website.

4. Azta Salon

Azta Salon does home service—from haircut and styling to hair nourishing, and even manis and pedis, which your teens and older kids might love! They even do hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair that has probably grown since the lockdowns took place. They also do remote consultations and can help you dye your hair especially if you’re not fond of those stray white hairs growing out due to stress. All it takes is a DM through their FB.

5. Stud and Sassy

haircut for your older kids

Stud and Sassy has a minimum fee, depending on where you’re from but they’re a salon that does home service, too! The minimum fee is more of a consumable so if you’re living in a faraway place, you might have to consume more than those who live nearby Pasig. They don’t just offer hair styling and haircuts but also some hair products that you might be having difficulty finding online. To book, you can call 0915-4277259 or check their FB. Most of their services cater more to the Metro though.

Time to give our kids a good haircut!

haircut kids

Although we laugh at those who attempted to do their hair during quarantine, we all know it really is a big struggle especially for those with temperamental hair or who are giving haircuts to their kids, too. Having these salons open for home service can be a big lifesaver especially if you’re planning to do shoots or celebrations. Besides, with all the stress we’ve been dealing with, we’ll probably need to shoot them a DM pretty soon anyway. Happy hair pampering!

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