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Is this the coolest couch ever?

For kids, all it takes is the coolest couch and a little IMAGInation.

With kids locked up for another year, we sometimes have this feeling that their world just got smaller. Some of us are frustrated that we can’t just take them anywhere anymore. Yet, our kids smile and laugh even with just simple activities at home. It’s when Chessie Torres realized: “I may not be allowed to go anywhere with my daughter but nothing can stop our imaginations from taking us anywhere we wanted them to.”

Thus, the 66×33” easily foldable IMAGI play couch was born.

The IMAGI playcouch

With the times changing, we’ve relied heavily on gadgets — be it computers, Nintendo Switches, PS5s, tablets — to be the yayas for our kids so we can have some time off. But back then, we didn’t have that. All we had were our imaginations and a plain couch. But if you have the IMAGI play couch which so happens to be the coolest couch ever, we get to help our kids experience the same joys of using our imagination years ago.

“We all grew up putting a blanket over a table making it our castle or our secret spy headquarters or club no one could enter without the secret password. IMAGI, short for imagination, is the re-imagination of our fort experience as children into a greater-than-ever experience we get to hand down to our kids,” explains Chessie.

As we hand down our experiences to our kids, we remember also the inner child in us who had to deal with all the mess too during the pandemic. Especially when we’re burned out because of work or we’re just exhausted because of the lack of me-time, the IMAGI play couch becomes our safe haven and gateway to a world where COVID-19 can’t touch you or your kids. Best part is, it comes in different colors so no need to worry about messing up your living room theme.

IMAGInation is key!

Especially during the pandemic, our imagination plays a big role in coping with this mess. There’s no limit to where our minds can take us whether it’s we’re having coffee at Central Perk or thinking of a spell on the couch to clean up the house before we twitch our noses. The IMAGI play couch is the perfect place for us to come up with the coolest places as we bond, play, and create new worlds with our kids on the couch.

Get yours at @imagi.ig on Instagram!

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