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The Sweetest Memories at the Chupa Chups Lolliday Arcade

Chupa Chups launched the new Lolliday Arcade to give families more moments of #ForeverFun!

Chupa Chups continued to spread  #ChupaChupsForeverFun at the #Lolliday2023 with an exciting event for families: the Chupa Chups Lolliday Arcade! Last July 20 to July 23, 2023, families, kids, and kids at heart were able to create memories while partaking in all the activities featuring all the classic video games that made everyone’s childhoods so memorable. With a giant maze to escape from and Tetris Blocks to build and line up, there were surely a lot of family-friendly activities and unique photo areas that everyone certainly enjoyed.

Chupa Chups Lolliday Arcade
Chupa Chups Lolliday Arcade

Arcades have become homes for games of all ages

Back then, after a long day of class, we usually sprinted off to the canteen to buy our favorite flavor of Chupa Chups! We’d enjoy it while talking to our friends and waiting for our ride home. And since 1958, Chupa Chups has been sweetening up those childhood memories with every lick of their very unique flavors. As parents, we are so fortunate that we’ll now get to share with our kids the games that made our childhood fun and memorable — before console games and smartphones entered the picture! Consider this as a break from screen time for both parents and kids to create and immortalize #foreverfun moments which will surely last a lifetime.

For this year, besides sporting the iconic biggest lollipop in the country as the centerpiece, a new fun-filled attraction challenged families! They put their grips and their sweet tooth to the test as they hauled lots of prizes with the Chupa Chups human crane machine that they participated in with a minimum purchase of PHP 200. How exciting was that?

Chupa Chups Lolliday Arcade

There’s always a reason for a family to have #ForeverFun!

Since there were only a few days left of summer vacation before school started, families took advantage of the opportunity to visit the Chupa Chups Lolliday Arcade held at the Trinoma Activity Center from July 20 to July 23, 2023. The entrance was free so everyone was able to join in the fun and unlock core memories with the whole family.

For more details, check out their Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Create the Sweetest Memories at the Chupa Chups Lolliday Arcade

There’s always a reason for a family to have #ForeverFun!

When there are only a few days left of summer vacation, what’s the best way for the family to spend it? While some go abroad, others have a grand staycation at a hotel of their choice to relax before the grind. But for us, we preferred to go all-out at the #ChupaChupsForeverFun and took advantage of their Lolliday Arcade.

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