Iza Calzado Holds a Get Together Party for Childrens Home in Honor of Deia’s Birthday

Iza Calzado and her friends threw a party for the kids of Buklod Kalinga—a children’s home—to celebrate her daughter Deia’s first birthday.

Nothing is heartwarming in celebrating someone’s life on earth by giving back through the goodness of your heart. Following her daughter Deia Amihan’s first birthday last January 26, Iza Calzado—together with her husband Ben Wintle and her friends, Lynn Pinugu, Aya Fernandez, and Mimi Marquez—organized a party dubbed “Dia de la Deia” for the kids of Buklod Kalinga.

Source: missizacalzado Instagram

On Sunday, February 18, Iza wrote of the moment: “A day spent giving back to the community as we thank God for our first year with little Deia. We threw a party for the sweet girls of Buklod Kalinga, a children’s home based in Betterliving, Parañaque. We held the get-together at Mano Amiga Academy, celebrating all of their birthdays along with Deia’s.”

“There was so much laughter as we sang, danced, and ate to our hearts’ content, thanking Our Lord that we got to put a smile on everyone’s faces,” she added.

The event was made possible by Iza’s sponsors, together with help from Buklod Kalinga and Mano Amiga Academy.

Source: missizacalzado Instagram

A celebration of thanks

Before the party, Iza shared that one of the plans she and Ben were planning to thank for Deia’s presence was to give back. On top of the party, Iza and Ben also had an intimate event for Deia. Aside from the two parties, Deia also had a joint baptism party with her cousin Sadie Wintle, the daughter of Bianca King and Ralph Wintle last January.

Deia and Sadie were formally introduced to each other in December after Bianca and Ralph went home for the holidays. The cousins have since bonded—not only with each other but also with their parents’ families and friends.

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