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Jessy Mendiola’s Latest Vlog Reminds Us That COVID-19 is Still Here

Jessy Mendiola gets candid about the difficulties of having COVID-19 while pregnant on her vlog.

Jessy Mendiola’s vlog is proof that COVID-19 spares nobody. “Despite being paranoid and careful for almost three years, I tested positive for COVID-19 last September 3,” shares Jessy on her Instagram. She considers her 11-day bout with COVID-19 the ‘hardest 11 days of her life’ because it was her first time getting the virus.

It wasn’t just her anymore.

Kung ako lang ‘to, rock ‘n roll lang ako. Okay lang,” Jessy admits with tears during her vlog. “Pero siyempre, I have a baby. I have a baby inside of me. I’m hoping it won’t affect my baby.”

The greatest fear of any mom-to-be is getting sick while pregnant. But even with the fears and tears, Jessy spoke to Little Peanut and assured her that she was still fighting.

“I love you, my little Peanut,” she soothes her soon-to-be-born baby girl in her vlog.

She is currently 5 months and 3 weeks pregnant with a baby girl who she and Luis nicknamed Peanut.

In her vlog, she was also seen taking some well-known remedies for symptoms such as Ginger Tea.

Spreading awareness

“I wanted to create this vlog to spread awareness that COVID-19 is still here,” Jessy adds during her vlog. “Even though there are no lockdowns, or it’s not as strict as before, that doesn’t mean COVID-19 is no longer there.”

Luis is currently staying with her and isolating himself from others sans Jessy and Peanut. “I actually have work tomorrow but, safety first,” he emphasizes. “I had the vaccine and if I do get it, it’s probably going to be mild.”

He also added that he wanted to stay with Jessy and Peanut because “it was already too late anyway” and he loves them both. But they decided to follow protocols.

Follow the rest of Jessy Mendiola’s 11-day bout with COVID-19 through her vlog.

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