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Jo Koy’s Mom Initially Did Not Want Him to be An Entertainer

Like any parent, Josie Harrison had her hesitations about her son Jo Koy’s dream to be in the entertainment industry.

Parents want nothing but the best for their children. Josie Harrison, the mother of Filipino-American comedian Jo Koy, is just like any parent who wants the best for her children — wanting him to finish school and get a good job. In fact, she admitted that she was hesitant about his entry into showbiz.

Jo Koy and his mom

The importance of school

“It’s just that I want my kids to have a degree,” Josie told One Down in July, reacting to one of his skits. “I want them to have a job with permanent pay.”

Josie said she initially thought Jo Koy was enrolled at the UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas). “I didn’t know he was pursuing comedy. And I explained to him that being a comedian is not for sure because you have to have a show. That is the only time you’ll make money.”

“I think it turned out okay,” she added.

Support Filipino talent

With more Filipinos making a name on the international scene, Josie has a reminder for those who want to make it. “When you see a Filipino up there, put a foundation underneath them. So they can still reach their pedestal in life. Whatever they’re doing.”

“Not just because they are Filipinos but they are human beings. They are the people that you should be helping because they need your help at that time.”

She also has some words of advice for parents. “Be there for your children. Support them for whatever they want.”

Jo Koy and his sons

Recognizing Filipino talent

Since breaking into the scene, Jo Koy (full name Joseph Glenn Herbert) has landed various TV appearances and has his own podcast. Moreover, fans are able to watch him in his show In His Elements which is streamed on Netflix.

Jo Koy recently starred alongside Filipino-American stars Tia Carrere and Lou Diamond Philipps in the film Easter Sunday produced by Steven Spielberg.

Jo Koy was previously in a relationship with Chelsea Handler and has a a son, Joseph Jr., from a previous relationship.

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