Jodi Sta Maria Finally Gets Annulment After 13 Years

Jodi Sta Maria confirms the court has granted her annulment from ex-husband Pampi Lacson

On Sunday, June 9, the Jodi Sta. Maria confirmed that her annulment from her marriage with Pampi Lacson has been finally granted.

“Finally after 13 years of waiting, my petition for nullity of marriage has been granted by the Supreme Court,” she wrote.

“It was indeed a test of faith and trust – FAITH in God’s promises and TRUST in God’s timing.”

Jodi Sta Maria: Case closed

The actress continued, noting that she went through a series of feelings as she waited for the annulment. “The time I spent in His waiting room was never easy nor was it comfortable. It was frustrating, discouraging, and even heartbreaking. I cried, prayed, questioned, and complained. Then, I made ‘tampo,’ asked for forgiveness, prayed some more. I wanted to give up but He never let go of me.”

“Looking back it was His grace that sustained and carried me. He had a purpose for the waiting. And that was made clear to me by the Lord.”

She added by saying that God is never in a hurry, early, or late to grant one’s wish in the waiting room.

“Believe He is able to do something about your situation. Trust He has a plan for you and that plan is even better than the one you have for yourself. And when God finally calls you out of the waiting room, don’t forget to thank Him and give Him all the glory.”

She thanked the people who made the journey with her, especially her lawyer from Calleja Law Firm.

“My prayer warriors you guys know who you are – salamat for standing with me in prayer. And to my lawyer and friend, @conniejaquino of Calleja Law Office for the guidance, patience, and friendship. Thank you for never giving up on my case. Now I can finally say…CASE CLOSED.”

Photo from jodistamaria Instagram

What Jodi’s Been Up To

Even before their annulment, Jodi Sta. Maria and Pampi Lacson have been co-parenting their son Thirdy together. During an interview with Modern Parenting in 2021, the Broken Vow actress recalled how she has been raising Thirdy.

“When you have a son, you need to teach them to respect other people — especially women — and love them. You need to raise them with the classic family values that they’ll be able to carry with them throughout their lives.”

After doing Unbreak My Heart, Jodi will star in Lavender Fields, which she is currently training for.

Pampi meanwhile is in a relationship with Iwa Moto with whom he has two kids.

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