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Julie Boschi: Extraordinary Everyday

Julie Boschi shares how quality time during heightened restrictions opened their minds to a heightened sense of appreciation

As daily on-goings of world came to an unceremonious halt, Julie Boschi decided to embrace uncertainty and took it all in stride. What was once considered mundane had suddenly become highlights as she and her family grew closer during lockdowns. “Our household always operated at breakneck speed, so a full stop was jarring. We really had to adjust to being around each other 24 hours a day,” shares the working mom of three.

Road bumps along the way

“Friction and personality clashes were common, but I never allow my kids to hole up in their respective rooms. This rule became a great contributor to our family’s growth,” Julie recalls, as she expounds on how they scrambled for some semblance of normalcy. She adds, “Being around each other allowed me to see facets of my children’s lives that weren’t always accessible to us, and our kids saw our marriage in all its glory— warts and all.”

Learning more about her kids

For a mom as involved in her children’s lives as Julie, the lockdown was an eye-opener. “I saw how my daughters were at work or at school, how they interacted with friends, and how they managed to deal with stress, success, and failures,” discloses Julie. She saw this as an opportunity to impart valuable life lessons hidden beneath everyday tasks or chores “We all have our set responsibilities for the day. Having a task chart and creating a clear system and schedule for the whole household helped us a lot,” she explains.

Finding momentum after stopping

Time was spent cooking, painting, gardening, and enjoying movie nights together. By day’s end, they would pile onto one bed and talk about everyday things, as well as their dreams and plans for the future. Closer bonds formed while staying at home forever changed the family dynamic. Julie intimates, “The little things became the important things. We realized that family time is not just about going on vacation or seeing each other every now and then.”

In finding stillness, Julie Boschi gained momentum. Whether it be at home or out in the world, she and her family move forward with unshakeable faith in each other, saying, “The ordinary became extraordinary. The mundane converted to excitement. This is the gift of the tumultuous year of the pandemic. The gift of truly knowing our family.”

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