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Kai Lim: Dressed to Cook

Known for her impeccable style sensibility, co-founder of retail concept CURA V Kai Lim talks about a new dress code that takes her from the Megaformer, behind the kitchen counter and her kid’s at-home learning corner. 

Kai Lim and her family love to do everything together. Before the turn of events from 2020, family bonding happened on the fly. The co-founder of retail concept CURA V explains, “Pre pandemic, we were so used to our fast-paced lives. Our schedules were always filled and even if we would bring our kids with us, the bonding we experienced being together 24/7 and doing everything together has been priceless.”

Learning a new kind of couture

The entrepreneur known for her impeccable fashion sense has always been well-versed in all things couture. Cooking, however, was a skill she admits to learning just recently. She recounts, “After 14 years of marriage, I never thought I had in me to learn how to cook. Our cook went home before the lockdown and was put to the task of preparing family meals.” Kai admits to being feeling like fish out of water the first time she took charge in the kitchen. “At first, I was very anxious in the kitchen, but eventually learn to enjoy the process. My kids would help me in the kitchen and set the table.”

Kai notes just as she’s learned a thing or two from the pandemic, so too have her children. She intimates, “Our kids matured enormously this past year. My two older kids have been helping with taking care of their youngest brother. I can’t express how thankful I am to my two older kids and husband for stepping up during the pandemic.” Just like any family, there are good and less-than-ideal days in the Lim household. But Kai emphasizes, “We make the most out of this time. The silver lining of this pandemic is family. No matter how overwhelming it has been, it’s been equally rewarding… It’s been a different kind of experience we all go through together and for that, I am grateful.”

A new thing to add to the list of what is couture

When she is not whipping up something special for the family, or overseeing her children’s progress via distance learning, Kai makes time for self-care and movement. The new pace has put lounge sets and chic comfy pieces front and center in her wardrobe. “I’ve been living in workout and loungewear this past year. When I feel like dressing up at home, I put on a dressy top with shorts a light makeup,” details one of Manila’s well-dressed. 

Self-care and me-time keep endorphin levels high, especially at a time of anxiety and uncertainty. Kai subscribes to a try-and-tested skincare routine that nourishes her—mind, body, and soul. “My go-tos are Estee Lauder’s ANR and Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque when my skin looks dull. THREE, Japanese skincare brand, is an all time favorite.” Making time to take care of self is an investment that allows Kai to be more present for her family. She adds “I make sure to do Slow Resistance Training (SRT) with Elev8 Studion two to three times each week. It is part of my self-care regimen.” 

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