This Mom Supports Her 9-Year-Old Daughter’s Love For Fashion

From her mom’s TikTok, Kaia Aragon caught the eyes of famous fashion designers like Vera Wang and the rest of the internet.

When Tonya began supporting Kaia Aragon’s endeavors through her TikTok, all she saw was how unique her daughter’s designs were. Although Kaia only has 15 videos, she now has 500,000 followers. She shares, “I would just hand her a piece of fabric and within an hour she would have this beautifully designed piece. I thought it was worth sharing.”

Caught the Eyes of Big Fashion Names

Ever since she was 4 or 5 years old, Kaia Aragon wanted to be a fashion designer. However, she only got to sew whenever she had a chance. But that won’t be for long as her designs caught the eyes of big fashion designer Vera Wang and Project Runway star Gunnar Deatherage. Vera even left a word of validation: “LOVE” with a black heart, showing that she loved Kaia’s interpretation of Princess Jasmine.

On average, she makes one dress a day. She pins her works on the mannequin and then lets her imagination fly.

Supporting our children’s dreams

Our children have their own dreams and as their parents, it’s our responsibility to support them. Although there are many things we want for our kids, ultimately, we have to remember that our kids are not us. Just like how this mother supported her daughter’s love for fashion, we can do the same for our kids! We’re sure as long as Tonya keeps this up, Kaia Aragon will eventually have her own fashion line that she and her mom can be proud of.

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