Kean and Chynna Cipriano Share About Energy Exchange

Celebrity couple, Kean and Chynna Cipriano are hands-on, help-free parents who’ve managed to get past the challenges of a pandemic through open communication.

“Watching our children thrive in this pandemic while we both felt like crumbling was an eye-opener,” begins TV-host and actress, Chynna Ortaleza-Cipriano. In the past months since lockdowns were first announced, she and her husband Kean have begun to see things in a new light. She continues, “We learned that our kids truly have immense wisdom.”

Raising their children, Stellar and Salem, and running a household sans help was an exercise for both Chynna and Kean what would reap precious lessons. The mom of two shares, “We run a help-free home, and at times have felt like giving up. But seeing our kids grow up 24/7 is probably the best gift we will both experience as parents.” 

Witnesses To Their Children’s Boundless Love for Discovery

Right in front of their eyes, Chynna and Kean stood witness to their children’s discovery of new passions. To saw how through art and play, these new interests surfaced. And it was inspiration for both parents to power through. While Stellar and Salem served as inspiration, me-time and mediation the couple stay centered and focused. “We also realized that meditation and time for yourself need not be in place of silence. I meditate through my duties, and Kean makes music with the kids right beside him,” intimates Chynna.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect.”

When it comes to relating as a partners, Chynna and Kean have reached a place where “we’ve accepted that it’s okay when things aren’t perfect.” Open and honest communication have stood as cornerstones to their strong bond. Chynna divulges, “We air out both negative and positive energies, and then we talk and hug it out when we’re ready,” she adds. “We have no time for dates, but it’s so sweet when Stellar encourages us to spend time together while she looks after Salem.” 

Through mindful actions and self-awareness, Kean and Chynna Cipriano have truly been able turn tough time into opportunities for learning. Kean expresses, “It’s not easy to do everything all at once, and in one place. I’ve realized that the greatest gift is time. We must use it wisely and give it to those who truly deserve it.” 

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