5 Kid-friendly Tumblers You Need to Keep Cool This Summer

With many colorways and designs to choose from, these kid-friendly tumblers will definitely get your kids to drink more!

Finding the right kind of kid-friendly tumblers can be daunting for parents, especially since there are just so many things to consider. While kids will gravitate toward the tumbler’s color and design, we as parents need to think about price, eco-friendliness, versatility, size, and of course, durability. After all, these tumblers are meant to last and not just any kind will do.

When it comes to choosing the right kid-friendly tumbler, safety is non-negotiable. Make sure to read up on the materials used. They need to be made with BPA-free materials—whether tritan, plastic, or stainless steel. That way, no harmful chemicals can leach into your kids’ drinks, thus giving you peace of mind as they stay hydrated throughout the day. 

More than that, the tumbler needs to be durable. Kids are known for their boundless energy and enthusiasm, so expect their tumblers to take the brunt of their antics. Because of this, tumblers need to be shatterproof and sturdy.

Thankfully, the market offers many options to choose from and among that extensive selection, we’ve rounded up our top picks. Check them out!

5 Kid-friendly Tumblers to Keep Cool This Summer

Klean Kanteen kid-friendly tumbler
Photo from Klean Kanteen

1. Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen’s battle cry focuses on sustainability and caring for the environment. Touting itself as a reusable, BPA-free solution to plastic bottles and single-use products, Klean Kanteen’s products are meant to last. Made with reusable stainless steel, these kid-friendly tumblers feature a double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours!

To guarantee that it can withstand the rowdy behavior of our kids, these tumblers are coated in a chip-resistant, powder coat finish. What’s more, it features a leak-proof twist cap with a reusable stainless steel straw and an ergonomic handle for easy carrying.

Insulated tumblers range from a compact 12oz or 16oz for little kids, while 20z and 25oz options are available for your teens and adult kids.

Buy your Klean Kanteen tumblers here!

Stanley kid-friendly tumbler
Photo from Stanley

2. Stanley

Before going viral on TikTok, Stanley tumblers have been around for the longest time—given that they were the go-to choice of outdoorsmen and blue-collar workers back in the day. And with good reason, too, as they are the first all-steel, double-walled, vacuum sealed bottle to ever exist!

Over 100 years later, Stanley is still as successful as ever in keeping warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold. But its design has since then evolved to include pastel and vibrant colorways, along with modern designs—while still retaining its durability and insulating properties.

These kid-friendly tumblers feature spill-resistant lids and easy-to-grip handles, making them suitable for little hands. Overall, they’re sturdy, practical, and convenient for active lifestyles—making them a popular choice for families with children.

Buy your Stanley tumblers here!

Hydroflask kid-friendly tumbler
Photo from Hydroflask

3. Hydroflask

Made for the outdoors and for the rowdiest of children, Hydroflask tumblers are simple but durable, straightforward and designed to withstand the adventures of childhood without missing a beat. Its diverse colorways also appeal to kids of all ages, from vibrant colors for expressive kids to mellow pastels for those who prefer a softer touch.

No matter the preference, these kid-friendly tumblers are ready to accompany kids on all their adventures, keeping drinks cold or hot, while standing strong no matter where they go. Plus, its easy twist-cap feature makes these tumblers easy to wash and clean, without having to worry about mold and dirt getting stuck in nooks and crannies.

Sizes include the compact 16oz and 18oz, along with the classic 20, 21, 24, and 32oz tumblers. And for those who like it big, Hydroflask offers hefty 40 and 64oz sizes, too!

Buy your Hydroflask tumblers here!

Aquaflask kid-friendly tumbler
Photo from Aquaflask

4. Aquaflask

Looking for an affordable but study tumbler that your kids will love? Look no further—Aquaflask is your best pick! This local brand has been churning design after design, colorway after colorway, while noting the evolving preferences of their audience and giving them what they want.

From pastel to vibrant tumblers, fruit-inspired colorways, gradient stainless mugs with metallic finishes, and more, these Aquaflask tumblers are visually appealing to the market—while still retaining its main thrust: insulating stainless steel properties that keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

But more than that, Aquaflask prides itself on being customizable. On the side, the store sells silicone boots, easy-grip paracords, and lids, among many other accessories. Sizes include the common 14 and 18oz, along with heftier options like the 22, 32, and 40oz tumblers. And for the long haul, they even have a massive 64 and 80oz tumbler!

Buy your Aquaflask tumblers here!

Sunnies Flask kid-friendly tumbler
Photo from Sunnies Flask

5. Sunnies Flask

As one of the newer kids on the block, Sunnies Flask takes customizable to a whole new level. Yes, this brand lets you mix and match everything—from the bottle to the cover, down to the silicone boot and loop! In fact, there are 300,000 possible combinations (which you can mix and match in their website before buying), so the chances of having the exact same tumbler is low—unless of course you and your kids choose the monochromatic option. 

Aside from its insulating properties, the tumbler’s simplistic but modern design makes it appealing to kids, even more so for teens who want to “be cool.” Plus, its ergonomic cover features a straightforward twist mechanism for kids to easily open and close.

And overall, the tumblers’ parts are easy to wash and clean, so you don’t have to worry about dirt and mold getting stuck in hard-to-reach areas.

Buy your Sunnies Flask here!

Empower your kids. Let them choose their tumblers!

After all is said and done, ultimately, these tumblers are for our kids—not us. Buying a tumbler that meets our standards won’t matter if our kids don’t like it or won’t use it. To avoid that, get them involved! Take them shopping with you and ask them which tumbler they prefer. Let them choose their favorite color and design from brands that fits your standards. That way, it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

And while you’re at it, you can also teach them about the importance of taking care of their tumblers (which we’re sure they’ll do, given that they chose a tumbler that they liked). While these kid-friendly tumblers are made to last, even so, they need to be handled with care.

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