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Kris Aquino Remembers Her Dad Ninoy on His 90th Birthday

Kris, who is currently in the US for medical treatment, recalled the short time she had with her dad Ninoy.

Kris Aquino took to Instagram to remember her dad, the late senator Ninoy Aquino. He would have been 90 on November 27. In her post, Kris, who is currently in the US for medical treatment, recalled the time she spent with her dad when they were exiled in Boston.

Kris Aquino: I was so blessed

“I only experienced having you as my dad for 3 years and 3 months from May 8, 1980, to August of 1983 – yet you gave me so much of you,” Kris shared. “Because we had to get to know each other (I was 19 months old nung kinulong ang dad namin) from watching the nightly evening news, to our Barnes & Noble bonding, watching movies (our last was Return of the Jedi), going to all my school events – among the 5 of us I was so blessed.”

Kris added that in Boston, Ninoy was no politician nor a person whose life was in danger. He was simply her “dad.”

“You were just my dad who called me beautiful. When my movies, TV shows, and endorsements were all happening, mom was proud. But in my heart, I knew you were even prouder because you were the first to believe my childhood dreams would come true.”

Kris also added that what sets her dad apart from others is how charismatic he was. He had the ability to make people around him feel special.

“Yes, you were a great writer and speaker. But more than that, naka-focus ka sa mga taong kaharap mo. Unselfish talaga yung pagmamahal mo sa kapwa Pilipino.”

Kris Aquino on her dad’s legacy

Aware that their name has been maligned in the past years, Kris mentioned that even if people try to distort history, she knows what her dad has done.

Subukan mang baguhin ang kwento ng kahapon, it’s from you I learned to NEVER show anger. NEVER reveal your weakness,” she said. “The child of Ninoy and Cory, the last still carrying their last names, learned from both: Faith in God, Patience, protecting your Integrity, standing firm with your words, trustworthiness and caring for all Filipinos regardless of chosen ‘color’, and sharing with those in need. Those are values I hold on to and do my best to instill in my sons. God sees all and that’s what matters.”

Prior to the post, Kris gave an update during Thanksgiving. She and her sons Josh and Bimby were extending their stay in the US to continue monitoring and seeking treatment for her autoimmune diseases.

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