5 Life Lessons Kids Can Learn from Noynoy Aquino

Being a president is like being a father to over 111M kids across 7,640 islands. Noynoy Aquino’s time as president can teach a lot of things, from leadership to how to deal with life.

We sometimes hear from our kids that they want to be the president one day. And while he wasn’t the best president, late president Noynoy Aquino’s term could offer some eye-opening lessons. Being president of the Philippines meant he was a father to over 111M snot-nosed kids who either were the trouble or got into trouble because someone dragged them into it. It was certainly no joke considering that the kids are spread over 7,640 islands and speak 180+ different languages.

1. You can’t make everyone happy.

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Kids love making people happy, for in exchange there is chocolate, a new toy, or some words of praise from us. But when they do the same to someone who doesn’t appreciate it, it can be soul-crushing. Noynoy Aquino’s administration was exactly that. Although he tried to make more jobs for people, push for more international recognition, and improve the educational system, some people out there were still whining about it online. If your child wants to become president, they’ll have to learn: while they want to make people happy, they can’t make everyone happy.

2. Everybody’s a critic. But listen to the ones who make sense!

There will always be someone who’ll be quick to offer advice or claim that they can do better. P-Noy had to deal with this too especially with social media always exploding with comments and reactions from the news. While there are some people that don’t make sense, there are those who do but are drowned out. These people can be as young as kids just like ours who, with their bright imagination, can offer cool ideas of their own:

3. Developing accountability and being responsible for others

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As a president, Noynoy Aquino was at the top of the chain. He oversaw everything from law legislation to military operations. It was why the Masapamano Massacre got him so much flak. As president, he was the commander-in-chief and his mistake got the SAF44 killed. He’s not just responsible for the military but for the welfare of every Filipino living in the Philippines. Anyone who swears their oath as the president must understand that the lives of every Filipino are in their hands.

4. It can get quite lonely on top.

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Sometimes, being on top means there are not many people to share your burdens with. Noynoy Aquino wasn’t married, didn’t have kids, but he had his nephews and his sister, Kris. Although he might have sometimes brought the work home, there were some things he also couldn’t share especially if they are government secrets. Being the president means not showing much bias either, treating everyone — even family — as just citizens under his rule.

5. If you’re going to do something, commit until the end.

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Being president means you’re stuck on the top chair for the next 6 years, making sure the Philippines doesn’t implode on itself. The moment he swore himself in as the 15th president of the Philippine republic, P-Noy committed to a 6-year battle of making the Philippines a better place. Even with people heckling and rubbing in his failures, P-Noy stuck to his guns and continued on his journey to fix the economy of the Philippines and leave it better off than he found it.

Being a president isn’t easy either!

While we’re already finding it hard to parent 1-2 kids, imagine being a dad to 111M kids wherein some can be stubborn, hard-headed, rebellious, or all three! P-Noy may have not had his own wife and kids, but he adopted the Philippines as his own family, especially when his father Ninoy passed him the ball. And if your kids wish to learn more about him, there’s a free e-book about him from Summit Books they can just download to learn more about him.

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