Kryz Uy and Slater Young’s Kids Get a Birthday Surprise From Angkong!

Kryz Uy: “Both my boys requested this theme, and I’m so happy we went with it.

As babies or toddlers, our sons seemingly like firetrucks. It’s red, it makes sounds, and it’s the symbol of a hero: saving people from burning buildings. While most kids who have a firetruck-themed party need to settle with a paper cut-out or mock cardboard look of a firetruck, Kryz Uy and Slater Young surprised their kids, Seven Kai, and Scottie, with a gift from Angkong for their joint birthday celebration: seeing and climbing around a real firetruck!

While Seven may have been too young to understand Angkong’s sweet gesture, Scottie’s eyes lit up as if Christmas had come really early.

Slater Young and Kryz Uy with Scottie and Seven Kai
Photo Source: kryzzzie

“Happy Birthday: Seven and Scottie! Love, Angkong”

Nothing’s more heartwarming to look at than to see grandparents showering their grandchildren with a lot of love. But grandparents seeing their grandkids has a particular kind of magic, too. There’s just so much love to go around, letting them experience the parenting milestones yet again but this time without the worries of whether they’re doing it right or wrong. It restores that vitality life once took away when all the worries and stress to support their families dropped from their shoulders.

And for the parents of the Skyfam, Kryz Uy shares how happy she and Slater are to have “gone along with the firetruck theme.”

“The look on their faces, when they saw the setup, was priceless!” she exclaims.

Photo Source: kryzzzie

A grandparents’ love for their grandchildren

As parents age, they face the inevitability that half of their life is over. With now a little less to worry about, grandparents look for ways to “catch up” with the family that work forced them to leave behind. We’re sure Angkong wanted the same in making sure that Kryz and Slater didn’t experience similar hardships he did when they started out their married life. And it’s now paying off as he wishes his two grandsons: “Happy Birthday, Sevi, Scottie! Love, Angkong.”

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