LIST: Family-Friendly Museums to Visit in NCR+

There are many family-friendly museums in NCR+ offering opportunities for kids to learn.

There’s a truth when people say that, “not everything can be learned from a book.” Children, as they develop and grow, learn by exploring their environments and everything out there. Although parents need to fight the urge to shelter them, there’s still a need to make sure that their kids explore everything safely. And what safer place to learn than the museum? Here are some family-friendly museums to visit in and around Metro Manila.

1. Omniverse Museum

Definitely a guaranteed fun-filled trip for the kids, Ryan Sison’s Omniverse Museum in Japan Town 4F Glorietta 2, Makati brings together all things pop culture. From Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and many other franchises, the Omniverse Museum can be a bonding activity between the kids and the parents, with parents sharing how the series started out.

The cost per head is PHP P1,499. Call +63915 009 1034 for further inquiries.

Ryan Sison's Omniverse Museum in Japan Town 4F Glorietta 2, Makati
Photo Source: Omniverse Museum

2. Dessert Museum

Located at S Maison, Conrad, the Dessert Museum has been hailed as one of the most Instagrammable places in the Philippines. Decorated by a variety of sweets, the Dessert Museum has interactive rooms, offering kids and families a chance to taste curated desserts. And for the moms and kids who want to make the ultimate K-Pop DP, the Dessert Museum sweetens the deal with unlimited photo ops.

Cost per head is PHP 699 if reserved online, and PHP 799 if walk-in.

The Dessert Museum - Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay, 1300
Photo Source: dessertmuseum

3. Mind Museum

For the nerds and kids at heart, BGC’s The Mind Museum offers science lessons in the most fun way possible. Some of the exhibits are interactive with the museum offering a limited event exhibit every now and then. Kids can learn basic chemistry, and archaeology, and even discover how certain machines work. And the best part is, should your kids still be studying, they get a discount, too!

Cost per adult is PHP 625. Kids get in at PHP 475.

Mind Museum - BGC
Photo Source: The Mind Museum

4. UP CHE Costume Museum

Modern Filipiniana is all the rage now and UP Diliman’s College of Home Economics proudly presents the evolution of Philippine fashion over the years through its Costume Museum. Students from UP Diliman’s College of Home Economics share their works of incorporating daily and beloved Filipino events into today’s fashion. As far as we know, UP Alumni can endorse their families to visit the museum.

 UP Diliman's College of Home Economics Museum
Photo Source: upche.costumemuseum

5. National Museum

The National Museum has always been a family staple when families need a history lesson or two. The museum is split into three exhibits: anthropology, natural history, and fine arts. In the exhibit of Natural History, families can appreciate and see how the Philippine environment has evolved over the years with the Anthropology exhibit and Fine Arts exhibit showcasing the milestones of Philippine culture and society. The best part is—the museum has no entrance fee!

National Museum - Padre Burgos Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila
Photo Source: National Museum

6. Pinto Art Museum

The Pinto Art Museum takes families out of the Metro and into the slightly mountainous areas of Antipolo. The alfresco museum houses many contemporary pieces that have transformed the signature and timeless elements that distinguish Philippine art. There’s also a café next to the museum to serve as some inspiration for your new DP to commemorate the visit.

The cost for adults is PHP 200 per head, PHP 125 for kids, and PHP 200 for Senior Citizens or PWD.

Pinto Art Museum Antipolo
Photo Source: Elle

7. Lakbay Museo x Food Wanderer

“Eat. Travel. Pray. Love.” — these four words are perfectly captured by Lakbay Museo. This family-friendly museum is an approximately 2-hour activity where families can see the many beloved festive elements that make Philippine culture heartwarming and welcoming. From the brightly colored jeepneys to the life-sized Filipino favorite dishes, Lakbay Museo gives families a chance to travel all over the Philippines without having to spend on a plane ticket.

8. Jorge B. Vargas Museum

UP Diliman is home to many family-friendly museums with the Jorge B. Vargas Museum being the home for contemporary Filipino art on campus. The multi-leveled museum offers not just artworks but also relics of the past Filipinos who have donated their belongings to be curated. While there, families can visit some limited-edition exhibits as well.

Jorge B. Vargas Museum
Photo Source: upvargasmuseum

A growing list of places to learn!

Everyone keeps telling people to “think out of the box.” But nobody actually offers a concrete way on how people can do so. Museums are one way to help kids think outside of the box as it gives them a glimpse of the past and the many milestones that Philippine culture has made in its evolution. The best part is, many of these family-friendly museums are still lovingly cared for, housing many experts who can answer our kids’ wildest questions when we can’t.

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