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LIST: New Family Cars in the Philippines of 2024

Here are some of the new family cars in the Philippines of 2024 to help us get around.

Starting a family means exchanging those sports cars for SUVs—family cars with big trunk space instead. With more places to see and cities to explore, we’re all looking for family cars that are easy to maintain and handle, have a lot of trunk space, and can withstand the Philippines’ ever-changing weather.

And although some car makers have started making hybrid cars (half-electric, half-gas) for an eco-friendly approach, some still prefer the old reliables because it’s easy to maintain.

Here are some of the best family cars in the Philippines for 2024!

6 Family-friendly Cars: 2024 Edition

Toyota Zenix
Source: Toyota Zenix

1. Toyota Zenix

Coming in as the latest model for Toyota’s multi-purpose vehicles (MPV) is the 7-seater Toyota Zenix. Originally based on the beloved Toyota Innova, the car manufacturer decided to keep the Innova and instead introduce the Zenix as its hybrid version. It may use more fuel at 7.7 km/L but the Toyota Zenix, having bigger windows, makes the car comfortable for family trips.

Currently, a brand new Toyota Zenix costs PHP 1.968 M.

2. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2024

If the family plans on going up the mountains of Baguio or Mountain Province, then we’d consider the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado as a car.

Known as the rival of Land Rover’s Defender model, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado also has the technology to assist the driver while they go off-road—minimizing the damage to the car and maximizing comfort. Despite its imposing size, this potential family car boasts 10.50 km/L for city drives, which is quite efficient already considering traffic in the Philippines.

Currently, the 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado costs PHP 5.747M.

3. Hyundai Staria

Although one of the pricier ones, the 9-seater Hyundai Staria is the successor of the Starex and offers more comfort to its riders. It may not have the same charm as the traditional snub-nosed Starex, but its futuristic and sleeker look does grow on us eventually—separating itself from the classic family van appearance.

This family car also has quite a presence on the road due to its large size. The bright LED strip also prevents other drivers from using the excuse that they couldn’t see it because of the usual driver’s blind spot. And while some say it could use more cargo space, its large seating capacity makes up for it.

Currently, the Staria costs around PHP 2.93M.

4. Mitsubishi Montero Sport

After the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) ordered Mitsubishi to recall over 8000 Monterro Sports in 2013, the model seems to have redeemed itself as a family car this 2024. It boasts higher levels of comfort and also a sensor that allows parents to open the car’s trunk by waving their foot at it, so long as they have the keys on their person.

But the most convenient part about the Mitsubishi Montero Sport is that it has a mobile app wherein owners can check the car’s status and operate some of the features remotely. The app also charts fuel consumption—which is a must for families, especially for those traveling long distances.

Currently, the Mitsubishi Montero Sport’s price range goes from PHP 1.5 M to PHP 2.5M.

Hyundai Santa Fe
Source: Hyundai

5. Hyundai Santa Fe (2024)

As Hyundai’s longest-running SUV model, the Santa Fe recently came out with a 2024 model that emphasizes travel comfort for our families. Although it drives at 6 km/L, the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe has bigger cargo space and more leg room because of its longer body. It also uses Hyundai’s Traction All-Wheel Drive (HTRAC) to help us compensate for the weird bumps on the road that we don’t usually notice.

Because the car came out just this Spring, the Hyundai 2024 Santa Fe costs PHP 2.4M.

Geely GX3 Pro
Source: Geely Ph

6. Geely GX3 Pro

If the family is on a budget for a car this 2024, the Geely GX3 Pro falls right below PHP 1M. It responds a little too quickly and requires being light on the pedal but we can try driving it on economy mode. While it’s not a car for beginners, it’ll do well for more advanced drivers in a city setting. The car has a 45-L fuel tank and can still boast around 8 km/L in traffic—which isn’t too bad.

Right now, the Geely GX3 Pro costs around PHP 878,000.

These family cars have proven their worth in 2024!

Choosing a family car in 2024—especially amidst inflation—involves considering factors like how much gas the car consumes and how easy it is to maintain. Some families have even opted not to buy cars anymore because of the additional rent with most condo unit owners charging for the unit and the parking separately.

However, if the family wants the freedom to travel, these family cars have proven their worth this 2024.

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