7 Poke Bowls to Have Anytime of the Year

A healthy poke bowl can light you up especially when you are on the go.

Poke bowls are popular in Hawaii because they are so easy to make. They’ve also made their way to Manila and have since been a staple food for many—especially those who prefer to eat more seafood and vegetables.

If you’re on the go and craving for a poke bowl, there are many places you can order from. It’s healthy and delicious. Plus, you can eat it with nori or rice.

Check out some of these poke bowl shops and restaurants for that quick fix!

Where to Order Poke Bowls

1. Kaona Poké Bowls 

poke bowls

Kaona Poké Bowls is one of the go-to shops for online orders. It has five flavors – two for tuna and three for salmon. They only do it by pre-order and in batches so you have to be on the watch out for their announcement on Instagram.

2. Momona Loa Poké

poke bowls

Momona Loa is located in the south part of Manila and they can cater to your orders every day. They have seven poke flavors to choose from and the best part is if you’re unsure of which to choose, you can even order them as a platter of four.

In addition, they offer poke tostadas on Tuesdays.

3. Poke Poke

poke bowls

Poke Poke has expanded its offerings through the years. Aside from its five original flavors, you can customize your own type of poké. They also have their own poké bake that you can choose from.

4. Ono Poke PH

poke bowls

Ono Poke PH has four locations you can go to for your poke fix. Aside from poke bowls, they offer them in tray formats and have other bowl flavors such as loco moco, spam musubi, kani, and pokechos.

5. The Blue Apron

The Blue Apron doesn’t just serve poke – they actually serve it taco style. The serving comes in a box of three and is made pre-order so you better make that reservation.

6. Poke Bubs

If you are a fan of salmon poké then Poke Subs is an online shop to check out. Aside from poke bowls, they can serve them as tofu pockets or in a tray.

7. Sushi Nori

If you want a quick poke fix at the mall then drop by Sushi Nori. The restaurant does not just serve sushi or sashimi as they also have poke bowls and other Japanese dishes you will love.

Eat these poke bowls fresh

Always remember that when you’re in the mood for a poke fix, the fish in your poke bowls must be fresh. You don’t want to eat something smelly after all.

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