Live, Love, and Laugh When You Buy A Ticket to Paradise

Wholesome and amusing, Ticket to Paradise tackles the reality of parenting and the eventual letting go.

It’s not easy to co-parent especially when the breakup is messy. Both parents have their own version of the breakup and truth. The kids don’t have it easy either—especially as they get older and notice their parents getting passive-aggressive with one another. This is why what may be a “ticket to paradise” for kids as they start the next chapter of their lives ends up being a ticket to hell for co-parenting parents.

What do you do when you need the help of the other?

Julia Roberts and George Clooney play a divorced couple with a daughter who announces a month after her graduation that she’s getting married in Bali, Indonesia. And to any parent—regardless if they are divorced or not, that’s news they are never prepared for. The amusement and laughs ensue when Georgia Cotton (played by Julia Roberts) and David Cotton (played by George Clooney) do the one thing co-parents do for the sake of their children: immediately book a Ticket to Paradise and declare a truce. Parents, even if they’re just co-parenting, will do anything for their kids, even if it means working with the one person they never wanted to work with ever again.


Graduation was a lot easier to deal with but marriage, especially coming from a failed one, is something many couples would say is a “fatal mistake”. Sitting through the family meetings, meeting the potential “in-laws”, dealing with the language barrier—many of us will probably realize how awkward our own parents felt when we told them about this big, life-changing, decision. Ticket to Paradise covers all of that, including the behind-the-scenes of parents making awkward plans of trying to sabotage the relationship.

There is no “right” time for parents to let go of their kids.

Unlike graduation, birthday parties, and other celebrations, marriage doesn’t have a specific timeline. But it’s the one event that parents will never be ready for. Dads may see the fiancée as someone who is “stealing” their daughter. Moms may see that their daughters are “throwing their lives away” when they have promising careers. Just like how Lily Cotton (played by Kaitlyn Denver) had a career as a lawyer upon returning from her vacation in Bali, Indonesia but found love instead.

Ticket To Paradise: It’s a nostalgic romantic, laugh trip.

Because it doesn’t follow the ‘feel-good formula’ of current romance movies, it’s a breath of fresh air, especially for an audience who loves Notting Hill and Bridget Jones’ Diary. For parents whose kids getting ready to tie the knot, it’s definitely an eye-opener. But for married couples, it’s going to be a laugh trip especially when they get to imagine how their own parents handled the big news. Catch Ticket to Paradise on October 5, 2022, in Philippines theatres!

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