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10 Useful and Cool Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is always something to celebrate so here are some useful gifts to get fresh graduates.

After completing 4 to 7 grueling years of studying, it’s always good to celebrate a graduation. What matters is that they made it. They survived all the mental meltdowns, getting wasted at college parties, and other crazy college drama. And that kind of thing needs to be commemorated! Here are some useful and cool graduation gift ideas to give fresh graduates.

1. A new smartphone

With most work now being remote, having a smartphone that can serve as a backup is a good idea — especially if the laptop kicks the bucket after years of being abused from thesis work and paperwork. Also, most bank apps like BPI, Metrobank, BDO, and UnionBank need the latest operating system to work.

It doesn’t need to be the most expensive smartphone. Just one that can handle the latest Android or MAC operating system.

2. A dress watch

College days had people wearing shock-proof, water-proof, and idiot-proof watches because things happen. But depending on the industry, there’s a rule called “dress to impress”. While some industries like the IT industry aren’t too picky about fashion and looks, people in sales and marketing don’t judge by clothes. They judge through accessories like watches, earrings, and other jewelry.

Not everyone had their ears pierced so a nice watch will do. Fossil, Bulova, and SEIKO may offer a few nice ones for a graduation gift.

3. A suit set

It doesn’t have to be an Italian suit but at least a suit that looks presentable enough for presentations. A lot of local and sustainable clothes brands have casual suit co-ord designs that are both chic and presentable. Besides, that suit they’ve been using for all their college presentations may either be too small, too big or just worn out. So, it’s a sustainable and fashionable graduation gift.

4. Power bank with built-in cords

There will always be a day when their smartphones run out of juice. Having a power bank with a built-in cord keeps their phones running. At least, until they get home and find a wall socket to stick their chargers into.

5. Earrings

More for the ladies because like Audrey Hepburn says, “You could always tell what kind of a person a man thinks of you by the earrings he gives you”. Her words apply in the corporate environment, too. Women do notice the earrings and judge. Just not out loud. Plus if they’re diamonds, their price goes up the nicer the quality.

6. A leather bag

It’s tempting for them to rely on their reliable college bag that has seen their best and worst days. But backpacks aren’t exactly the best thing to bring to a meeting unless a laptop is inside them. And even then, some leather bags are made to carry laptops.

7. Boat shoes

Boat shoes are useful for both casual and semi-formal events. If a woman is judged by her earrings, a man is judged by a pair of shoes. While rubber shoes are tempting to wear for comfort, some meetings need a more formal look.

8. Recorder

Not everyone has amazing note-taking skills and using the recorder on the phone will most likely drain the battery faster. Having a separate sound recorder allows them to take down notes without losing out power from their phone. It also allows them to pay better attention to the meeting.

9. A planner

Some people rely on their phones to be a planner. But some prefer doing the old-style way by having an honest-to-goodness paper planner. Some people use plain notebooks. But it’s nice to have a planner on-hand which has dates and spaces to place notes. Some of these planners come with a built-in set of post-its, too.

10. A water jug or bottle

Water jugs are so useful in saving money and keeping one out of diarrhea’s way. What some people even do is that they add cucumber, lemon, and chia seeds to their water to stay hydrated and healthy. Lemon and cucumber for the detox and chia seeds for the nutrients they need.

Now that they’re done with school, it’s time for fresh graduates to start a new phase in their life. But that doesn’t mean parenting stops there. There’s still some in the form of support which can be done through useful gifts.

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