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7 Local Insulated Water Bottle Brands To Buy From

With the rise of the Omicron variant, we’d rather bring our own local insulated water bottles than drink water from outside.

Water is one of the most common ways to catch an infection or a virus. Whether it’s from a not-so-well-cleaned glass or the water wasn’t boiled and simmered, not everyone has the same obsession with cleanliness as we do. When we go out, some of us bring our own insulated water bottles to lower our chances of catching COVID-19. It may be a bit bulky but we chose some of these brands because they’re easy to bring around. Here are lightweight, insulated water bottles you can bring around for yourself and the family.

Insulated Water Bottle Brands We Love

1. Bukas Flask

insulated water bottle

Ranging between 18 oz to 32 oz, Bukas Flask‘s vacuum tumblers can handle both hot and cold drinks. Some even manage to store taho from their favorite vendor! These insulated water bottles are fun to personalize with their simple colors and stickers. If you’re planning to buy from Bukas Flask this Christmas, you give Christmas gifts to three people. The first is to whoever is receiving the flask, the second is to the small business owner who started it during this pandemic, and the third is to Yellow Boat PH who Bukas Flask supports every time someone buys one of their flasks. Support Bukas Flask’s initiative by ordering on their IG.

2. Plunge

insulated water bottle

Looking for something to match your vibrant personality? Plunge PH has a summer line of insulated tumblers with gradient designs. We’re probably looking for something that would stand out more and wouldn’t mix up with other people’s tumblers. Plunge PH even has a plain silver insulated water bottle if you’re looking for something more elegant, minimalist, and corporate. Available on their IG.

3. Hydroflask

insulated water bottle

Though not local, Hyrdro Flask has been all the rage these days especially since they don’t dent easily. When we’re rushing, we tend to forget that we’re carrying our water jug around. Despite banging it around, the Hydro Flask still maintains its shape. Although we’re not expecting the paint to stay from the damage, we’re sure that it’s pretty sturdy no matter where we throw it. Its cover has metal clips that keep the handle attached to the cover so it doesn’t just come off.

4. Kool

Kool is on IG and is more known for their collapsible cups but they have a line for insulated water bottles, too. They have two kinds: one that has a straw and another one that looks like a water jug. Most of us would like to enjoy our cold brews or iced tea for the one in a straw. It saves us time and effort from struggling to open the cap of our insulated water bottles. But if you’re going for long road trips, we’d suggest their bigger ones.

5. Sinag

Their water bottles brighten up your day by making sure your water stays cold for the next 24 hours. Sinag’s water bottle is insulated by two walls instead of one to keep your drinks hot or cold. Sinag also offers personalized water tumblers! Instead of having to print out a tag or a sticker, have them personalized so it’s easy to find it among other water jugs we’ve tested and collected over the months. They’re available on Shopee so COD is possible.

6. Luntian PH

Luntian PH‘s most notable feature is how their insulated water bottles come in all sorts of sizes instead of the usual 18 oz or 32 oz. They even have little insulated mugs for our hot coffee if we’re planning to order coffee on the go. A lot of times, hot coffee comes in either paper or styro cups so having a small one is handy. Their water jugs have a variety of caps so we don’t have to struggle in getting a swig. Order one through IG to get your own!

7. Bätl

Bätl offers a great variety with its customized insulated water bottles. From shaker ball bottles to insulated reusable coffee cups, Bätl caters to us working moms who are in constantly changing situations. Especially when we’re out to secure some clients or if we’re planning to meet some people, we’d like to change our water bottles to adjust to the situation on hand. Check out their IG on how to order.

Keep COVID-19 away with these insulated water bottles

We have to adapt since Ate Rona is here to stay for a while. She’s forced us to adopt some unusual habits to protect ourselves and our families. A lot of us may have been vaccinated but we never know who isn’t. There’s also the requirement of getting a booster because of how fast COVID-19 has been evolving or mutating. It may be a bit bulky to bring around but having our own insulated water bottles for us and our family will give us some peace of mind and control in keeping COVID-19 and other diseseas away.

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