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10 Christmas Gifts Moms Would Love

Christmas is right around the corner and we moms have a Christmas wishlist for our preferred gifts.

One of the best parts about Christmas is — the presents! Just because we’re moms, doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a present or two (even if we say not to buy us one anymore). One of the few reasons why we say no is because we don’t like stressing people out to go looking for a gift. So, in case, anyone asks us what we want for Christmas — they can check out this Christmas gift wishlist made by us moms!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

1. Vaccination Slot for Our Kids

christmas gift moms

While it’s more for our kids, helping our kids get vaccinated will really help us sleep better. As moms, we want our kids to be protected especially during this pandemic. We’re also frustrated with how COVID-19 has kept them indoors for the last 2 years. Helping us find a slot for our kids so they can get vaccinated will probably be the best Christmas gift you can get us moms so we can feel that our kids are a little safer against COVID-19.

2. Sparkling Juice

Since we can’t drink alcohol at home because of our kids (but still want adult juice), we’d love a bottle of sparkling juice for our little mocktail creations. Being stuck at home means we’ve had time to binge-watch a lot of our favorite cooking celebrities like Ina Garten or learn some mixology. Or if we’re trying to enjoy our favorite K-Drama, some sparkling juice ought to add to the kilig when our biases go on screen.

3. Robot Vacuum

christmas gift moms

For us who are fur moms and moms, a robot vacuum that cleans the floor is totally indispensable. Especially if our furbaby has such thin, rabbit-like fur, it’s hard to just sweep up before it all goes flying in the air. Some places like Remax, Xiaomi, or Monarc have several robot vacuum cleaner models that sweep up the floor for us. When we’re caring for a newborn, cleaning’s eventually going to get more tiring so a robot vacuum ought to lighten up the load.

4. Organizers

Some of our houses have become a mess because of homeschool. Learning guides scattered everywhere, papers strewn on the floor, and incomplete school portfolios collecting dust in a corner — moms would like an organizer as a Christmas gift to keep them in one spot so that we can keep our houses and minds clutter-free. Besides, we’re sure that during this Christmas, homeschool requirements won’t spark joy.

5. Silverware

Some of us moms love beautiful things and silver is one of them. We feel elated after polishing our silverware and removing the tarnish. Others love to go hunting for silver pieces which they can restore with a bit of scrubbing and polishing. Besides, a lot of us moms are trying to figure out what we can pass on to our kids when they get older. So, some silver brands we’d appreciate are Oneida (since the tarnish is easy to remove), Rogers, and even Sheffield.

6. A Compilation of the Entire Blippi series

It can be quite annoying for us to search random Blippi episodes online while waiting for it to buffer. We know it’s another gift meant for our kids but it’s something we can use, too. While we want some quality time for ourselves, we can use Blippi to distract them. It’s a funny Christmas gift for us moms, we know, but finding items that make it easier for us to raise our kids is always a godsend and an appreciated Christmas gift.

7. Skincare Products

christmas gift moms

Ever since the pandemic started, our skincare routines have helped keep us sane. It’s something we could control and it makes us feel pretty. As to what skincare products to get us, we’re pretty sure we want something ethically made or something that helps us deal with aging caused by stress. We usually go with Kiehls, Cetaphil, or you can just ask us our preference. It’s okay if we know what you’re getting us. It’s still a Christmas gift moms would appreciate.

8. Family Tree Photo

christmas gift moms

Besides the homeschool requirement of submitting a family tree, we’d appreciate the photo so we can remember all our relatives especially those who passed away. Some of us didn’t have a chance to meet our great grandparents or our grandparents. We also want our kids to meet our parents (or their grandparents) if they couldn’t reach them in time. It’s a sentimental Christmas gift for us so that we can remember and see how we’re still connected to our families this Christmas. It’ll take some research but some of us find fun and answers about our family history.

9. Nursing Loungewear

christmas gift moms

Clothes may be a bit of a gamble but for some of us new moms, finding loungewear that helps us feel comfortable while nursing is an amazing Christmas gift. A lot of times, nursing clothes focus more on being practical than trendy and it doesn’t feel nice most of the time. We want new moms to still feel pretty even after just having their baby so, maybe getting some nursing loungewear especially locally-made ones ought to be a thoughtful Christmas gift.

10. A New Cellphone

christmas gift moms

We probably haven’t changed our phones in a while since we want to make sure our teens have the latest gadgets. So, we’re due for an upgrade. Some of us may prefer Android phones while others may prefer Apple. It really depends but a lot of us prefer Apple because it’s easier to navigate the user interface. And the photos that iPhones take are just gorgeous. Since a lot of us moms are shutterbugs, we recommend getting a cellphone with a top-of-the-line camera. We love preserving the memories of our kids and family.

It’s a pretty diverse Christmas gift list for moms!

We have varying interests but as moms, our biggest concerns are our kids and trying to make life easier for us as we manage the house. But we, too, like to indulge ourselves every now and then. Even if the gift doesn’t look like it has any use. So there you have it—our Christmas gift wishlist made by moms for moms. Make sure you get them early or start working on them. Some of these gifts can be time-consuming to get done.

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