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6 Must-Have Things Parents Need For a Clean House

Keeping a clean house is more important than ever especially during this GCQ and Monarc is here to help us!

Even though we’re stuck at home with the kids, that doesn’t mean the house won’t get dirty. Although we wished houses can clean themselves, they don’t. But there are some things we can get from Monarc to ease the burden of cleaning a large house. Especially for families who live in those big, old houses and don’t have household help, a lot of these things are a godsend and just need a bit of reading the manual to get them started.

1. Monarc Botbot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Monarc Botbot Clean House

If there’s any place that accumulates the most dust, pet dander, and hair, it’s under the bed and we all hate lying on the floor to get the dirt out from underneath. That’s what the Monarc Botbot Robot Vacuum Cleaner is for! All it takes is one press of a button and it’ll start scurrying around, sweeping and sucking up all the dirt into the carriage, which you can just clean with a brush and dump in the trash can.

It’ll take time for it though to memorize the room, but the AI will eventually stop Botbot from smacking into things. If you have long-haired cats and pets running around the house, believe us — this will make your life ten thousand times easier especially if they have fine fur. To add more fun, feel free to give the Robot Vacuum Cleaner a name. If you can’t, your kids will certainly come up with one!

2. Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

For some who might be intimidated by the robot’s inner workings or who just love cleaning the house as a workout, the Monarc Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner might be a better choice. No cord means we won’t have to worry about our kids tripping over the cord. Or, our partners bringing in some stuff and then crashing into a heap because they didn’t see the cord. Monarc’s Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner also gives us a little more flexibility in trying to clean up those little nooks and crannies.

3. Monarc UV Cabinet 16L

Especially since COVID-19 got an upgrade, we need to be careful of what we bring in or out. Keeping a UV cabinet at the entrance of your foyer or living room’s one way to make sure anything that enters your house is clean. UV’s one of the strongest rays and can destroy bacteria and viruses to make sure we’re not infected. Things like your wallet, your small bags, or maybe even change after paying for your food deliveries will be frequent visitors of your UV Cabinet.

4. Clean Air Purifier

COVID-19 is now airborne and all the more you’ll need a Clean Air Purifier. Besides keeping the dust, pollen, and dirt away from your kids, having a Clean Air Purifier makes the air easier to breathe. A lot of times, the air gets thicker, mostly because of dust. And when you take that whiff of fresh air for the first time, you’ll probably feel that your brain’s working 10x better than it normally does. Having clean air also helps you feel free and more comfortable in churning out those thoughts for work. Plus, it makes life easier for your kids if they have asthma.

5. Tabletop Dishwasher

Especially for us moms who get Dishpan Hands easily, having a tabletop dishwasher is a must The tabletop dishwasher’s also perfect for families living in a small condo space and if you have a small family. It does the complete job of washing, drying, and sterilizing for the next use. Unlike most dishwashers, you can also control how much water it can use by pouring in a pail of water instead of using a water valve.

6. Ionic Tower Fan

One of the biggest pains of keeping a regular fan is that you have to pull it apart to clean it, remove the dust and dirt from the mechanism, and then put it together then. It’s why Monarc made the Ionic Tower Fan to lessen the work. Although hair and fur will still be a problem, the dirt will be a lot less due to the ion technology in the fan. The best part is, it doesn’t release so much noise pollution.

A clean house is one of the best defenses against COVID-19!

Keeping the house clean is a bigger need more than ever to keep Ate Rona out of the house. When Gianina Tan started Monarc, she made sure that each product could help us keep our houses clean. “We made these products based on the needs of our customers’ and employees’ families,” says Gianina. “We wanted to combine both minimalistic designs and Smart Technology to help families make the most out of small living spaces.”

If you’re in the area and want to see these devices in action, Monarc opened their first physical store in the 4th Floor of Mega Fashion Hall! But if you’re okay with just online shopping, you can check out their website at

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