Here’s Our Kids’ Back-To-School List of Must-Haves

With schools opening up again for face-to-face classes, our kids would need these things when they go back to school.

For the last two years in homeschool, kids or teens didn’t have to mind what they wore. But now that face-to-face classes are coming back, they’re going to be extra meticulous with what they want to wear. Going back to school for kids is like a social event for them. It’s how they make more friends. And sometimes, that entry ticket into a certain clique means them wearing certain things or having certain things. Here are some pieces and items kids are going to want when they go back to school.

1. Mask Lanyards

It’s still Alert Level 1 and nobody likes leaving their masks on the table exposed. A mask lanyard will at least make sure your kids don’t lose their masks in the midst of others when they go back to school. Some would prefer a silicon-rubber-like material to make sure it doesn’t get wet. Girls may prefer beads or crocheted ones to style and personalize their lanyards. Some shops like Masklace.PH or Magayon.PH make some pretty stylish ones.

2. Classic White Sneakers

When it comes to rubber shoes and sneakers, the brands do matter to our kids when they go back to school. It’s an extra plus if they know the model name, too. Addidas’ Superstar line has become a big hit ever since the release of their classic white with black stripes. But if the kids want to really use the rubber shoes to the max, Addidas has a plain white one. They also have Stan Smiths if they want something a little “cleaner” in design texture.

3. Muji Stationery

The neutral look of Muji Stationery plus the smoothness of the design, paper, and pen will have teens jumping for joy when they go back to school. While some of us were content with the Panda ballpen, our teens might want something a little more classy. Gone are the days when they would use neon-colored pencil cases. Now, they want something a little more neutral-looking because it makes them look more mature.

4. Travel-Sized Alcohol Spray

Alcohol is a must-have when going out. But our kids don’t want to bring around a bulky bottle when they go back to school. What some of us can do is get smaller bottles and attach them to a keychain so that they can have them latched onto their satchels or messenger bags. It also prevents the stuff inside the bag from accidentally pressing something that will cause the bottle to spray on their things.

5. Water Jugs and Tumblers

Back then, we had Coleman waterjugs capable of holding at least 2 liters of water. It was always a contest of which one held more. But not this time. Water jugs for kids and teens nowadays need to be simple, stylish, and also capable of keeping things cold until the end of the day. Besides, with the summer coming in as our kids go back to school, we’re going to need really good ones.

Some kids are happy about going back to school.

While some kids are happy about going back to school, others may not. Some may prefer not to because they can focus better in online classes. Others have a history of bullying which prevents them from feeling safe in school. But before putting the kids back into face-to-face classes, it’s time to talk to them about whether they really want to return to that style of learning or not.

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