Luigi and Patty Muhlach: Homeschooling As A Gift

For Chef Luigi Muhlach and his wife, homeschool-veteran Patty Muhlach, teaching their children at a time of pandemic rings in welcome lessons.

Teaching children at home has always been second nature to homeschool-veteran mom Patty Muhlach. For her husband, Chef Luigi, the shift was more pronounced. From working extended hours in the kitchen, he’s discovered the joys of working from home—and being closer to family. The change has also allowed him to play an integral role in their children’s learning journey. Patty intimates, “The pandemic has brought Luigi closer to me, and the two of us closer to our kids more than ever before. We cherished Luigi’s presence in the house 24/7. We not only get more good meals but we get to spend more quality time with the kids.”

Learning as a Cherished Experience

For their children—Adriana, Anya, and Ariella—undisturbed days of family bonding inspired joyous learning. While homeschooling is nothing new to the brood, the past months saw a creative integration of activity, application, and curriculum. Within the learning space at home, education had been significantly elevated. Instead of being regarded as a daily task, it evolved to become cherished experiences shared by both parents and children alike. 

Patty explains, “We didn’t want our homeschooling style to lack joy so we made a flexible schedule. We adapted what works well, listened to our kids, and let our kids be more open to learning new things around the house. They’re now trying more creative and fun activities to bring joy to the whole bunch.” 

Homeschooling as a privilege

Although the list of lessons to cover is vast and lengthy, both parents caution that pacing is key. Patty advises, “Refrain from turning on the fire hose of information. Learning is a lifelong journey, so we came up with an acronym: K I S S. Keep it slow and steady. Keep it short and simple. Enjoy the privilege of homeschooling your children.”

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