7 Gender-Neutral Birthday Party Themes to Take Inspiration From

With parties and celebrations coming back in full swing, here are gender-neutral birthday party themes you can try for your kid’s party.

If there’s revenge dressing and revenge traveling (due to a pandemic that put a halt to so many plans), there’s definitely revenge partying. We’re seeing more and more celebrations on our social feeds. And it’s making us want to throw a party to celebrate even the smallest occasion! So if you’re currently looking for ideas, here are gender-neutral birthday party themes to get the ball rolling.

Gender-Neutral Birthday Party Themes

1. Under the Sea

First up is Under the Sea. This birthday party theme is often seen in shades of blue. But what about adding a twist and using nude details?

2. Safari Adventure

The second is a Safari Adventure. Kids love animals after all. And having a safari-themed birthday party will absolutely put a smile on their faces. Moreover, you can dress up your little one as Steve or Bindi Irwin.

3. Disco and Dancing

A disco-themed celebration is a perfect occasion to introduce kids to the fun music of the 70s and 80s. Let them dance to the beats of Stayin’ Alive, September, and Dancing Queen!

4. Retro Tropical

Pool parties will look extra colorful with a retro tropical or Havana-inspired look. To add to the activities, put up inflatables that both adults and children can enjoy. It’s a win-win for everyone.

5. Fiestang Pilipino

How about boasting your love for local with a Filipino fiesta? Dressing the different food carts as a bahay kubo will definitely complete the look. Don’t forget to serve bibingka and taho!

6. Barnyard Fun

Up next is some Barnyard Fun. Children who can’t get enough of Old Macdonald will surely appreciate this theme. Make sure to add some standees of their favorite animals!

7. Hundred Acre Wood

Last but not least—what a great adventure it would be to celebrate with Winnie the Pooh and friends. In Pooh’s words, “Friends make birthdays all the more birthdayish!”

Let these birthday party themes inspire you!

Now that we’ve listed several ideas, time to book all your suppliers. Happy planning!

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